Foreign hackers are targeting emails of U.S. President Trump and Joe Biden campaign staffers, according to Google. The search engine company revealed that the group of Chinese hackers tried to phish the Biden camp, while Iranian hackers targeted the Trump campaign. 

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According to The Verge's latest report, the personal email accounts of staffers for the presidential campaigns of the two presidential candidates President Trump and Biden were targeted by foreign hackersReuters also reported that China state-backed hackers tried to breach the Biden camp, and Iranian hackers focused on targeting the Trump campaign staff's email accounts. 

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The head of Google's Threat Analysis Group, Shane Huntley, posted on Twitter that the foreign hackers attempted to phish the emails of presidential campaign staffer, but no sign of compromise found yet.

Google Confirmed

Although Google's spokesperson stated that the foreign hackers targeted personal email accounts of Trump and Biden campaign staffers, there was no evidence that can prove any attempted cyberattacks. The company confirmed that it had sent the information to federal enforcement officials.  

"We encourage campaign staff to use extra protection for their work and personal emails, and we offer security resources such as our Advanced Protection Program and free security keys for qualifying campaigns," suggested by the spokesperson of Google.

According to the previous report of The Verge, the new Advanced Protection feature of Google focuses on defending against accidental sharing, phishing, and other fraudulent access to an individual's account.  

The deputy national press secretary for the Biden campaign, Matt Hill, said that the campaign expected that something like this would happen and they are already braced and prepared for any phishing attempt. 

"We have known from the beginning of our campaign that we would be subject to such attacks, and we are prepared for them," said Matt Hill in an email sent to The Verge, stating that the campaign will take cybersecurity seriously and they will remain vigilant against the fraudulent acts. 

One of Trump's campaign spokesperson said that they were already informed that foreign actors unsuccessfully tried to breach the technology they used in the campaign. The spokesperson stated that the staff are vigilant about any cyberattack and will not discuss any of the precautions they are implementing.  

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