EA has officially announced a new Star Wars game, and this time, it will feature players in the classic and famous starfighters in a variety of battles, The Verge reported.

The new Star Wars game is titled Star Wars: Squadrons and is a first-person space combat-type game that will feature players flying the starfighters in head-to-head battles in single-player and multiplayer.

Motive Montreal, the makers of Anthem and Battlefront II, developed Squadrons. This Star Wars gameplay will allow players to fly the ships, including TIE Reaper, TIE Interceptor, TIE Bomber, U-Wing, A-Wing, TIE Bomber, and X-Wing fighters.

About the new game

EA refuses to reveal the gameplay until their EA Play Live event happens on June 18 at 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Eastern standard time, but the game promises to feature multiplayer modes, including "Fleet Battles." This is the part of the game where gamers attempt to dismantle a capital ship, with several traditional dogfighting.

Star Wars: Squadrons provides the implication that EA has learned several lessons from the past, particularly its "loot box debacle" that happened during the first months of Star Wars: Battlefront II, The Verge added.

While the new game seeks to offer options for extended customization, especially in both altering items in the gameplay such as weapons, hulls, shields, and engines, there will also be a variety of improvements in the cosmetics to customize the cockpit, pilot appearances, ship, and everything is "earned solely through gameplay."

Furthermore, there are other enhancements. These include cross-platform support with multiplayer features between other players in the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Star Wars: Squadrons will also be compatible with VR headsets for PC, and the PlayStation 4 will have it with a more immersive experience.

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While it seems right now that the focus of the game is based largely on the multiplayer features, it also seeks to have a new single-player campaign, inspired by the Battle of Endor in its literature. This particular gameplay takes players right into the soldiers' soles from the Vanguard Squadron of the New Republic and the Titan Squadron of the Galactic Empire.

Prior details

It has also been reported that Squadrons and some of its details have actually leaked several months prior to the working title Project Maverick, followed by the banner of the game posted on Microsoft's Xbox website before the announcement. But Squadrons is already the official title.

While the recent game titles, such as with Star Wars: Battlefront II, are taking players in the cockpits of the jets and other vehicles in the franchise, it has been about over a decade since a Star Wars game actually focused on space battles. The last one being Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike in 2003. It was then intended for the Nintendo GameCube.

However, there's been a long set of starfighter combat games in the franchise, previously led by TIE Fighter and X-Wing games during the 1990s.

"We'll still have to wait for gameplay to get a better idea, but the focus on exclusively first-person dogfighting could mean that this is the modern successor to the X-Wing franchise that fans have been waiting for," the report added. The target release date is on Oct. 2.

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