'Star Wars Battlefront' Players Will Play On Dedicated Servers


You may not get a server browser for Star Wars Battlefront, but you will get to play on dedicated servers.

Gamers were up in arms after hearing that Battlefront will make use of skill-based matchmaking instead of a server browser. So now DICE wants to make it clear that dedicated servers are still crucial, and definitely happening.

In an interview with PlayStation LifeStyle, DICE's Jamie Keen, who designs hero characters for the game, confirmed that Battlefront will use dedicated servers.

"It's one of the hallmarks of making sure we deliver unparalleled online servers for the game," Keen said.

Star Wars Battlefront is filled with eye candy and has posted a number of extremely impressive gameplay trailers. But it hasn't been without controversy due to some of the choices made by developers.

The lack of a singleplayer campaign is probably at the top of that list, but it's followed closely by DICE's decision to not include battles set in space. Those space-based and ship-to-ship dogfights were one of the most-loved features of Star Wars Battlefront II, so their absence in the reboot feels like a big misstep — and the game hasn't even launched yet.

Star Wars Battlefront arrives for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on November 17, 2015.

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