Dramas surrounding famous YouTube personalities aren't exactly a new thing, especially among the beauty community. But it turns out that Twitch and game streamers can also get involved in such dramas, such as the case with Ninja and Alinity as well as other big names in streaming.

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Alinity was accused of being an animal abuser.

The Charity Streams Controversy

In a report by GameRant, the issue started when former Overwatch pro xQc said that charities would pay streamers a certain amount to stream for charity events and that he has been approached with that specific offer.

After that, his statements were quoted in a subreddit called r/LivestreamFails, and after it trended, Dr. Lupo, another big name in the streaming community, was dragged into the issue, particularly his stream for St. Judes.

Nevertheless, Dr. Lupo refuted the claims and said, "I've never been paid to raise money for St. Judes. I just wanted to be sure that was clear."

Soon enough, the issue got big after Jessica Blevins, a streamer and wife of Fortnite's biggest star, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, replied and said that xQc "always has some trash to say," and called out the streamer for his "revelation."

According to Dexerto, Jessica said she hasn't heard of a single streamer who was paid for charity streams and that it should be known to the public if they are.

Since Jessica was involved, Ninja jumped into the thread to defend and back up his wife.

It got even bigger as Jessica soon accused xQc of being sexist as she was called "sweetie" and that it appears as though the latter thinks she "doesn't work or deserve what she has."

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Ninja vs. Alinity

To somewhat diffuse the tension, Rod Breslau jokingly to Ninja and xQc to take part in a 2v2 for a charity stream, to which Twitch streamer Alinity responded and said, "Oh this is an easy bet. Team ninja loses ez."

Seeing the response, Ninja was quick to reply with a pretty scalding burn and asked Alinity if she has "another cat to abuse," bringing up past allegations about the streamer, while the former said that he was the "most toxic person in gaming."

Alinity has a huge following on Twitch, garnering one million followers on the platform who has been under fire before for allegations of cat abuse and outrageous behavior.

The Beginning of the Cat Abuse Allegations

According to the report, she was caught in the past spitting vodka onto her cat's mouth and was even caught on camera, throwing it.

Besides cat abuse, Alinity was also well-known for being suspended last April for quite some time after she accidentally flashed her breast to her followers, violating the platform's terms and conditions.

Due to these caught-on-camera moments, many Twitch fans have been calling out the platform for giving the female streamer a "preferential treatment" despite the issues she's been in, especially animal abuse.

With the exchange of tweets between Ninja and Alinity, it now turns out that the latter is also facing scrutiny from her fellow streamers.

It's quite interesting to see that Dr. Lupo and xQc are actually on good terms with the drama, primarily as everything stemmed from Lupo's response to xQc's claims.

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