CSGO cheaters always spoil the game experience of those CSGO users who play fairly. Want to have sweet revenge? Here's a video showing how the cheaters got punished by a fake CSGO cheat software. The funny video was reposted by "Gamology" on Facebook. 

The video was also reported previously by GAMERANT, saying that the fake cheat software developer trolled the cheaters with comedic mishaps and misfires. "Cheaters never prosper." A phrase used across the world for hundreds of years, however, GAMERANT claimed that it often fails to be true.

The funny video is a moment of victory for those players who are already fed up with cheaters who lack skills in the game. YouTuber ScriptKid created the fake cheat mod in the first-person shooter game.

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ScriptKid didn't only trick thousands of CSGO cheaters but also posted their hilarious moments in his YouTube channel, which was available to watch to all the players who have been coping with non-stop cheating.

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Although the game manufacturer, Valve, already tried to deal with the rampant cheating using software to permanently detect and ban them, cheaters are still running wild in many of its games. ScriptKid is popular for punishing cheaters, including in PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds).

PUBG cheaters were also trolled in the same way, causing them to be thrown out of their car seats once their vehicles travel over 85 km/h.

They were also forced to shoot their teammates who were already knockdown. GAMERANT said that even if you want to win in any game so badly, cheating is still not an option since it can ruin other dedicated players' experience.

ScriptKid's punishment on CSGO cheaters

ScriptKid's funny video showed that cheaters can also be punished not just by banning them, but also by making them to not wanna play again. Here is the explanation of the fake cheat software's feature.


This will play fake sounds to make the cheaters think that the bomb is already diffused, but it will cancel the plant and trigger the bomb in the last second.
It will make the cheaters throw their grenades downward. They will also lose movement control for a few seconds.
This will force them to buy unnecessary weapons, thus wasting their game money.
This feature will make them drop their weapons automatically once they shoot it at a high rate.
This is one of the funniest since the cheaters will suddenly ve 100% sensitivity control for a few seconds.
Just like the "NoSpray4U", this one will make them drop their weapons when they use it to shoot an enemy, spray, or no spray.
This one will certainly annoy them since it will automatically trigger their weapon to shoot their allies.

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