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Russia Suspected Of Launching Secret Space Weapon Into Orbit

A rocket Russia launched on Nov. 30 was supposed to leave four objects in orbit. The U.S. military, however, noticed that the rocket left five orbital objects, one of which may have the ability to destroy satellites in orbit.

Space December 5, 2018

US Military Could Soon Get Two-In-One Grenades With Fragmentation And Concussion Modes

The U.S. military will have a new grenade called ET-MP that will be more flexible to use. Soldiers will be able to switch between modes from fragmentation to concussion or vice versa by flipping a lever in the grenade.

Defense September 23, 2016

Improv DARPA Program Pays Techies To Turn Household Items Into Weapons

DARPA has launched a new program called Improv to seek out proposals from techies who can turn every day household items into powerful weapons. Successful proposals will be granted generous funding.

March 15, 2016

US, Japan Conduct Second Test Of Missile Interceptor Off Southern California Coast

The U.S. Navy successfully conducted a missile interceptor test off the coast of Southern California last Tuesday, Dec. 8. The tested SM-3 Block IIA missile boasts of a more able kill vehicle and bigger rocket motors for better protection against ballistic missile threats.

FUTURE TECH December 10, 2015

'Destiny' December Update Brings More Exotic Weapons And Armor: Here's What We Know So Far

Jon Weisnewski, Bungie's sandbox designer for 'Destiny', announced the weapons and armors changes included in the game's December Update. Some of these include updates to the effectiveness of Auto Rifles and Pulse Rifles as well as more exotic armor and weapons that will be made available to gamers.

Video Games November 20, 2015

SALT Alternative Gun That Shoots Pepper Pellets Instead Of Bullets Pulled From Indiegogo

SALT, a safety device that is a cross between a gun and a pepper spray, raised $30,000 on Indiegogo within its 24 hours after launch. However, its rapid rise to popularity caught Indiegogo’s attention, causing it to be booted off the website.

October 31, 2015

Homemade 3D-Printed, Handheld Railgun With Arduino Uno R3 Inside Fires Projectiles At 559 MPH

A DIYer has pieced together a railgun of 3D printed pieces and other parts. The 3D printed prototype made by the U.S Navy is considered legit.

Gadgets October 20, 2015

British Archaeologists Discover 3000-Year-Old Swords On Isle Of Coll

Fragments of ancient bronze spearheads and swords were found by archaeologists on the Hebridean island of Coll in Scotland. The scientists believe the weapons can help unlock the secrets of early civilization on the island some 3,000 years ago.

October 16, 2015

Expert Warns Of Possible Robotic Warfare If UN Regulation Talks Continue To Stall

A group of scientists and technology experts have raised their opposition to the continued stalling of the United Nations' regulatory talks regarding the production and deployment of autonomous robots as tools of war.

October 9, 2015

Hawking, Musk, Wozniak And Other AI Experts Urge Ban On Autonomous Weapons

Experts in robotics, science and tech wrote an open letter voicing their concerns about the threat autonomous weapons could pose against humanity.

FUTURE TECH July 27, 2015

17.5 Million: Number Of Kids In U.S. Exposed To Weapons Violence

More than a quarter of children in the U.S. are exposed to weapons violence with boys who belong to minority groups and those from low-income families having the highest risks.

Life June 9, 2015

Killer Drones And Artificial Intelligence Is A Recipe For Disaster For Humans

A computer science expert has raised concerns over the dangers of intelligent robots that are made to kill. Autonomous weapons systems can choose and engage targets without the intervention of humans.

May 28, 2015

'Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare' Introduces 15 Master Prestige Ranks: Details Gamers Need To Know

New, exciting addition to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for Master Prestige Ranks.

Geek March 4, 2015

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Havoc DLC To Rebalance Over 15 Base Weapons: What We Know So Far

Sledgehammer Games prepares to retune 15 base weapons in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The rebalancing may come packaged in the Havoc DLC.

Video Games February 25, 2015

U.S. Army Developing New Grenades that Bursts in the Air. No More Hiding, Bad Guys.

The army's new grenade, soon to undergo evaluation, will have the ability to detect obstacles before detonating.

Internet Culture January 6, 2015

DARPA Testing Bullets That Change Direction After Shot is Fired

DARPA has developed the new Exacto bullet, able to change direction in mid-air. What drove development of this new ammunition?

December 15, 2014

'The Order: 1886' trailer showcases new game weaponry

'The Order: 1886' gears up for its release, revealing to players the kind of weaponry in store for them when the game comes out. Think Victorian-Era AK-47.

Video Games September 23, 2014

Hypersonic U.S. Army weapon destroyed right after launch

Weapon meant to strike anywhere on Earth at hypersonic speeds destroyed after detection of launch malfunction. Weapon was being launched at Alaskan test site.

Space August 26, 2014

Cray lands $174 million deal to build supercomputer to manage U.S. nuclear arsenal

Cray, a supercomputer company, has landed a $174 million deal to build a supercomputer that will manage and secure the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

FUTURE TECH July 14, 2014

'Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare' has mind-blowing weapons and gadgets: 3D printer gun, hoverbikes and exosuits...AWESOME!

New information about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has many excited. With the November launch months away, gamers are already whetting their appetites.

Video Games May 27, 2014

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