With the pandemic forcing businesses to shift to online transactions while most employees work from home, and students enroll in distance learning, the increased demand puts a heavy toll on the Internet. This makes it quite stressful to surf the Internet. 

However, aside from the heavy usage or slow Internet, we should also consider how fast a website can load. Yes, some sites carry too heavy images or videos that make them load slowly. Yet, others are just terribly coded. 

Now, Google has a solution to provide the public with a better online experience. Back in November 2019, the tech giant vowed to defame websites that load slowly, tagging them for potential visitors. However, the company decided to do otherwise by rolling out a system that highlights websites that works fast, according to Tech Radar.

In a blog post on Monday, Aug. 17, Google announced that "Chrome will begin to highlight high-quality user experiences on the web" by labeling sites with fast links through the link context menu for Chrome for Android. The update will be rolled out in Chrome 85 Beta.

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The 'Fast page' label is awarded to the site that delivers a better user experience. Google will label the website using signals from the Core Web Vitals metrics as experienced by Chrome users. These metrics include responsiveness, loading time, and the stability of content when it loads.

Web Vitals was launched earlier this year to provide site developers insights into how to improve their site's performance. 

The tag will appear in the context menu for the link when it was long-pressed. This would warn visitors whether the website they will be visiting is slow or fast. However, it is unclear if fast websites will receive rewards such as offering higher search ranking for qualified ones.

Chrome Fast Page: How to Activate 

Users of Chrome 85 beta version can start using the new labeling process, "Fast Page." However, they need to activate it first to enjoy using it. However, those who still do not have Chrome Beta can visit Google Play and download it first. Once set up, follow these steps to enjoy using the Fast Page:

  1. Launch Chrome Beta. 
  2. Go to chrome://flags.
  3. Look for 'Context menu performance info and remote hint fetching.'
  4. Click on the dropdown menu and enable the setting 
  5. Restart Chrome

Once the setting is turned on, users can see the labels if they have Lite mode or when the "Make Searches and Browsing Better" is activated. Then, they need to long-press on the link to explore

on any qualifying page on the Internet, and long-press on any link. 

The feature is still on beta testing, and it is still unknown when Google will release the full version or if it will actually do so, but hopefully, it will. Also, Chrome users hope Google will also add the feature on the browser's desktop version.

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