Undecided what to watch or you just got tired of streaming the same stuff? Netflix has recently added a new feature that could help viewers decide on what to watch.

According to TechCrunch, Netflix has confirmed it added a new "Shuffle Play" button under the profile icon on the home screen, which would allow the system to randomly play content that you may like. Aside from a show, you are currently watching, a movie you have saved, or anything else that is similar to something you've already watched, the company says. The feature was rolled out since July to millions of members worldwide, but only on TV devices.

Netflix Can Provide Streaming Options with New Shuffle Play Feature
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Tired of Watching the Same Stuff? Netflix Can Provide Streaming Options with New Shuffle Play Feature

Netflix has continuously tried to help users' find content that would suit their taste. This is the same idea the company has used with various tests and features it has added throughout the years like the pre-roll videos, TV apps screensavers, pre-roll videos as well as the content being showcased on the home screen.

Similarly, as Netflix has an auto-play feature, which makes it seem like a traditional TV that something starts playing once turned on. However, it did not suit the taste of many users and Netflix has recently (finally!) allowed members to disable the feature when it updated earlier this year.

Meanwhile, the new "Shuffle Play" button is the latest among numerous tests Netflix has tried to put up a shuffle feature. However, Netflix confirmed to TechCrunch the button is just an on-going test.

Aside from the Shuffle Play, there are other variations of the "shuffle mode" concept that the company has been trying to achieve across surfaces like in the side menu, main screen, and "profile gate." Recently, some Netflix users found a shuffle option in their TV app's sidebar navigation, called "Play Something." In 2019, the company also tried playing random episodes of a certain show or series like "Friends" or "The Office."

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How the Internet Reacts with the New Feature?

Meanwhile, the new shuffle feature has triggered mixed opinions from users who woke up with a new button on the Netflix home screen. Here are some of their opinions as shared on Twitter.

Twitter user Turner Levison tweeted that while the new feature is interesting, only an insane person would "spin the Netflix wheel of fortune."

Another user replied to Levison saying that he/she has been begging to have this feature for years because he/she does not want to scroll for 30 seconds and pic one. "I want to hit random," Noisea said.

Stacy said on her tweet: "everyone who still watches free TV these days. these people usually cannot make up their minds and Free TV takes this burden off their hands."

While many users were surprised to see the new button on the Netflix app for TV, Netflix still needs to collect feedback from each different test and compare the results before making decisions on whether to continue with it or when the shuffle feature will be launched publicly.

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