Scientists Thomas Edison versus Nikola Tesla has been one of the greatest debate in the science and technology world. One as the recognized 'real genius' and the other one as the so-called 'bully.' To know their stories, a biopic movie will be shown on Aug. 21 to present the story of 'Tesla' starring Hollywood actor Ethan Hawke. However, if we will ask Tesla CEO Elon Musk himself, who do you think will he choose over Edison or Tesla? 

Sorry, Elon Musk doesn't like Tesla that much

How did the tech billionaire Musk come up with a name 'Tesla' for his car brand? Obviously, the name refers to the known scientist Nikola Tesla.

Nikola is not just famous for his creations, but with his rivalry with America's recognized greatest inventor Thomas Edison. Due to this, many of the known scientists and even tech groups found this topic most debatable.

But for Tesla owner Elon Musk, the answer on who's better between the two scientists is clearly Thomas Edison.

It turns out, Musk was actually a 'bigger fan' of Edison than Tesla. As explained by him in a 2008 interview, "Edison brought his stuff to market and made those inventions accessible to the world." Meanwhile, Tesla "didn't really do that."

Then, why is his brand named after Tesla?

According to the tech billionaire, Tesla deserves "a little more play than he gets in current society." "But "on balance," says Musk, "I'm a bigger fan of Edison than Tesla."'

Tesla vs. Edison: Who's the better scientist?

Nikola Tesla is a Serbian-American engineer that first designed the alternating current (AC) motor and developed AC generation and transmission technology. He also created the 'Tesla coil,' that is still being used in radios.

Despite his genius brain, history did not know him as popular as his colleague Thomas Edison. Edison was recognized as America's greatest inventor.

He was credited as the creator of the light bulb and the phonograph. Both of them were familiar with the electricity-current inventions.

However, according to history, Edison became more famous than Tesla, due to insufficient funds of the latter on pushing to create his inventions.

To know more about their story, Hollywood director Michael Almereyda created a biopic film about the story of 'Tesla' starring award-winning actor Ethan Hawke.

In the teaser, the movie shows how Tesla meets Edison and how he strives to collect funds for his inventions. The movie starts showing on Aug. 21 in the United States. 

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