The multinational technology company, Apple, recently opened a new store in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, that floats atop the water as its 'most ambitious retail project' is now available for the public. Before opening its doors for the people, the Apple Store got a first look from a famous blogger and YouTuber.

Apple's third direct retail store in Singapore opens near the towers of the Marina Bay Sands, sitting afloat the water in a massive dome that can accommodate a considerable number of people.

The first store is located in Singapore's designer and luxury brands street known as the Orchard Road, and the second is Apple's first location in an airport at the world's most loved airport, Jewel Changi. Apple's third store in Singapore is a unique new location for technology shoppers for its design and breathtaking appearance, floating right in front of the Marina Bay Sands' complex.

YouTuber and tech blogger, SuperAdrianMe, posted a new video that tours the stunning two-floor Apple Store that offers a wide variety of merchandise from the world's most valuable company. SuperAdrianMe also gives a glimpse of a 'secret passage' that is perfect for taking Instagrammable photos, showcasing the store, and the Singaporean skyline.

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Apple Store, A Site to Visit on Marina Bay Sands Trip

SuperAdrianMe TV's YouTube Channel posted a video that tours the Apple Store dome right in front of the Marina Bay and gives an insider look for fans all over the world. The store gathered a wide-following and interest on social media platforms due to its design and location. 

Cult of Mac reports that this video is the closest people will get to the Apple Store, especially foreigners who will travel for Singapore, due to the lockdown restrictions brought by COVID-19. The store's staff is seen wearing appropriate face masks requirements by Apple and the country.

The YouTuber showed his journey from the store's main entrance that lets the public walk along a suspended bridge that connects the dome to the surface. Upon entry, the public is led to the accessories section on the ground floor. A straight path then leads to the escalators.

Customers are then asked to endure a 50-second escalator trip towards the second floor's light, which houses the high-ceiling 114-glass dome of the Apple Store. Various Apple devices are displayed and scattered throughout the area on wooden tables, available for the public to test and interact with.

'Secret Passage' on an Apple Store?

Apple is known to be simplistic and minimalist on its devices and the design of its stores, but with the Marina Bay Sands' dome, the company went overboard. SuperAdrianMe TV states on his video, a 'secret passage' that is a perfect spot for taking photos of the dome, along with the Marina Bay Sands, and the Singaporean skyline.

Apple Store
(Photo : SuperAdrianMe via YouTube Screenshot)

The 'secret passage' is located behind the gigantic led screen that shows the Apple logo. The passage is lined with silver chrome finish with a massive Apple logo, reflecting anything that passes through it.

Apple Store
(Photo : SuperAdrianMe via YouTube Screenshot)

From the design's looks, the 'secret passage' was not meant to be as secret as regarded by the vlogger. Instead, it is just an open space that conceals the LED screen's backside.

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