Beijing's very own health chief has recently stated that China itself will not be carrying out any mass vaccinations on its entire population due to COVID-19 being "largely wiped out" within the country.

Dr. Gao Fu, the Director of the known Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention previously stated that the sweeping coronavirus vaccinations would actually only be needed if there was some sort of other major outbreak.

The statement with regards to the coronavirus

According to the known China CDC chief, the entire sweeping of vaccinations would actually be quite unnecessary within the country while the coronavirus is under control. Despite what was stated, he still did not rule out the possible need for them sometime in the future.

According to Dr. Gao's statement that was quoted by the known China News Service, this is actually an issue of being able to balance both risks and return. He also admitted that there should actually be some sort of large-scale vaccination of residents should there be another massive outbreak that would ever match the ongoing coronavirus that actually came from Wuhan.

However, he also stated that for the very first batch of these vaccines, priority should in fact be given to those frontline medical staff as well as epidemic prevention workers. Certain security workers would also be given priority and then this should be followed by both the cleaning and the catering staff. The priority then falls to the civil servants that are usually working in crowded areas.

The race towards a vaccine

Scientists from all around the world are still working in order to develop a possible vaccine for COVID-19. China is already developing at least eight different vaccine candidates as it also determines to become the very first country in the world to be able to roll out a certain successful vaccination for the known pathogen.

Dr. Gao Fu has stated previously that China's very first coronavirus vaccine could actually be ready by some time during September. The country is currently competing with both US and British companies to become the very first with a vaccine to be able to help end the whole pandemic bringing the victor both scientific and political triumph.

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Trial vaccines

Just last month, Dr. Gao Fu also revealed that he had actually been injected with a new experimental coronavirus vaccine. He also stated that taking the jab all to himself was actually an attempt to persuade the whole public to follow suit when one of the vaccines should be approved.

Sometime in June, Dr. Gao Fu was a certain coauthor on a particular paper that introduced a single candidate. A kind of "inactivated" vaccine that is made by growing the entire virus inside the lab and then later on killing it. The candidate is already being developed by a certain affiliate of the stat-owned SinoPharm.

It was also stated by the company in a certain online post that about 30 different employees, which include top executives as well, all helped out with the pre-test of this vaccine in March, sometime before approved for the initial human study.

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