A new facial recognition could help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in offices since it will not require you to remove your face mask. Salarium, a company offering technological H.R. solutions, will launch its FacePass, a contactless time and attendance solution.

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It is a human resource information system (H.R.I.S.), payroll, and time system bundled with financial solutions for employees, helping them track and save their salaries.

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But this time, Salarium aims to help businesses protect their employees against the spread of the novel coronavirus, which causes the global pandemic. FacePass is integrated into a device called S.A.F.E. Tech (Secured Attendance and Face-Enabled Technology).

The combination could allow the staff to wear a face covering and have a normal body temperature before allowing them to have their clock-ins/time-ins. Facepass only needs a few seconds to accurately recognize a person wearing a face mask and face shield.

Another feature of it would set the alarm when an employee exceeds the normal body temperature. FacePass is integrated into Salarium's timekeeping system to enable the H.R. workforce to track, manage, and create shifts and schedules of the employees.
It also helps manage the workers' overtime, undertime, leave, and complete attendance reports quickly.

Other benefits of FacePass

Because of E.S.S., FacePass allows the employees to access their records using any of their devices anytime and anywhere. Salarium E.S.S. enables a company's workforce to have a transparent view of their approvals and requests.

This feature will allow the employees to file under time, overtime easily, and leave requests online. They could also monitor their status using E.S.S. 

Employees are not the only ones who can benefit from FacePass. H.R. managers could also use the new technology to log in and view the workforce's requests online using any of their devices. 

"FacePass offers more than just facial recognition timekeeping," said Judah Hirsch, Salarium's C.E.O.

"It combines convenience and efficiency in enforcing safety entry protocols with its facemask detection and body temperature scanning," he added. 

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