The D-day for the Xbox is almost here and so is the PlayStation 5! The battle between Sony's PlayStation and Microsoft's Xbox has been a really long one. With the upcoming consoles on the way, it seems like the two companies have a very different strategy to win over gamers to their side.

New PlayStation and Xbox

The PlayStation 5 has a very different approach to their new console by designing a console that looks nothing like their previous console even changing their previous colors from gray and black to white! The controller itself has also undergone major design modifications and is hardly recognizable as a PlayStation controller when compared to previous PS Controllers.

Microsoft's Xbox, on the other hand, has a more economic approach to the console war by offering a more powerful console for its price point as well as offering a cheaper modern version. Microsoft has decided to release not one, but two different consoles namely the Xbox Series X as well as the Xbox Series S.

Although their difference is just a letter, the price point at which they are sold differs by a significant amount. For budget gamers, the Xbox Series S could be much more attractive in comparison to the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 but it still really depends on the type of games that the gamer prefers to play.


Sony and Microsoft in the gaming world

Sony and Microsoft's gaming sector are only part of the whole company. While Sony likes to focus on certain electronics, Microsoft on the other hand has been focusing on the company's technology aspect by previously offering software and more computer-related products.

The new battle between these two console makers has upgraded by a lot as the playing field has been saturated as well. Ever since the coronavirus, the number of people turned gamers have increased. Due to the previously imposed lockdown, most people have made video games a habit and have picked it up as a hobby.

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With the increase in gamers, this means that there will also be an increase in console purchases for the upcoming PlayStation and Xbox. The video game consoles have had a strong ground in the consumer's priorities but with the increase in gamers plus a more efficient platform for ordering aka through ordering and having the console shipped, the competition looks much bigger than it was.

Aside from the price point, there are still a lot of things that differentiate the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Although they will all be able to play certain Triple A games, some of these games will become either Xbox exclusive or PlayStation exclusive. The final list of starting games have not yet been released but they are coming out really soon!

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