iOS 14 is here. Is your iPhone already updated with the new OS? If not yet, here are some of the reasons this new update surely helps with your data's privacy and security. Let's start with the top five reasons why (security-wise).

Why should you update to iOS 14?

iOS 14 is one of the much-awaited OS updates of all Apple device users. A lot were excited due to its new specs, such as a single destination for finding and launching apps, accessing quicker weather and maps, and many more.

Interestingly, Apple has not just added cool designs on the new OS. It also adds another layer of user privacy protection for you and your phone.

Here are some of them that you might not know until now:

You can find out which is a bad or good password

A lot of security features are added to the new OS, but Apple identifying which passwords are good or not is maybe one of the best ones.

If you want to check if a password was recently breached or commonly use, go to your phone's 'Password' screen, and tap 'Security Recommendations.'

Here, Apple will set suggestions to strengthen your phone's pin, as it sees fits.

Clipboard snooping

One of the recently discovered hacking or data-stealing scheme is the clipboard snooping. To curb iPhone and macOS users from being victim, iOS 14 now identifies this method and notifies users once software detected something.

It will be shown at the top of your screen.

No to wi-fi tracking

Another small yet common problem for device users is the wi-fi tracking. Apple made sure to stop this from happening with its new feature that gives users each different MAC address every time it connects, so the connection won't be easy to crack from your phone. 

Know when apps use your camera or microphone

Tech Times reported few apps frequently record your camera or microphone without you knowing. If you don't like that to happen, Apple's iOS 14 has new software to notify you when it happens. 

Access Dots-- which can also be downloaded on Android-- lets users know once a third-party app records your camera or mic. It will leave an orange dot in the upper right corner of your screen. 

To see which app is open, go to Control Center in the Settings tab. 

Limit how apps track you

Are you afraid that apps can track you? In iOS 14, a feature will make you choose which app you allow to access your location. 

Go to 'Privacy,' then head to 'Tracking.' From there, you will find the toggle switch on each app and switch it on or off before it even tracks you. 

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