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Elon Musk's self-start-up company, Neuralink, which mainly focuses on the medical side of technology and primarily focusing on the brain's integration with technology, has been subject to speculations and doubts that can potentially turn the world in a real 'Black Mirror' episode. Netflix's 'Black Mirror' is a gritty anthology of technology, its advantages, and its potential harms to society.

Neuralink was first started by Elon Musk way back in 2016, located in San Fransisco, California. The company aims to integrate neurology to science and technology, creating devices that will primarily aid and restore people with mobility problems. However, Elon Musk and the company are boasting to dive into neuroscience and cybernetics to empower human brains with the latest technology.

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The company's CEO is confident and sure of its success in integrating its self-made technology to the human body, particularly the brain. Elon Musk's goal of enhancing the human brain will come soon enough, and people are eager to know what will happen.

Neuralink's massive leap from restoring mobility functions through the brain implants and spinal tweaking with the chip's "sewing" functions are the primary and foremost goal of the technology and medical company. On this end, Elon Musk boasts and promises that the company can deliver; however, its 'human cyborg' promises seem to be farfetched and will come later to reality.

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Neuralink Disadvantages? What are those?

The YouTube Channel, According to Science, posted a new video that looks on Neuralink on a different point-of-view, mainly on its disadvantages and possible harm that will surface soon. When the company takes the production and its innovations on a different progression, with reasons such as mediocrity and rushing its experiments, Neuralink will surely face failure and catastrophic damages.

Currently, the main concern for Neuralink is its chip's vulnerability to hacks and malicious attacks. This particular problem will be a massive cause of concern for its users and the company because of 'digital death.' The problem would bring great harm to the person, primarily when the chip is used for mobility; a 'digital death' would render the person disable and get additional injuries.

The video also focused on different factors, such as:

  • Neuralink Chip Hack
  • Human vs. AI Supremacy
  • AI Take Over
  • Rise in Criminal Activities
  • Rich Supremacy

The first three are most likely and possible to happen. Technology is unpredictable, and different sinister forces such as hackers and thieves lurk in the online world. Neuralink's technology relies mostly on the internet and its services. The internet is full of dangers, ranging from content to stakeholders who are more adept and skillful in the world wide web.

Is Black Mirror a precursor?
Netflix Black mirror
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The British Anthology Television Series that can be watched through Netflix is a precursor for the world's rapidly evolving technology. 'Black Mirror' presents a pure science fiction plot that serves as a "mirror" to technology dangers. While it shows the advantages at the start of every episode, disadvantages also come with.

The same can be said for Neuralink and almost everything in the world. While Elon Musk and Neuralink may present the advantages of revolutionary technology, there are still dangers that will present itself once the chips' integration goes on its way.

While these factors are purely opinionated, it presents a different point-of-view and standpoint regarding Neuralink. Elon Musk's popularity has led to a considerable fanbase and belief in the products. Some people may be blinded and not see that everything in this world has its pros and cons.

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