FOX 11 has been on a months-long investigation that has resulted in the revelation that an L.A Metro sexual harassment hotline which is operated by a particular local charity is now costing taxpayers over $8,000 every single call after quite a series of certain "no-bid" contracts in order to operate the whole hotline were awarded to the known best friend as well as campaign donor of the L.A. County Supervisor as well as the Metro board member known as Sheila Kuehl after her own office privately pushed for the L.A. Metro to hire the known charity.

The certain "Off Limits" hotline was previously created back in 2017 then was sold to the whole public as a sort of 'game-changer' 24/7 hotline to help fight sexual harassment on the whole L.A. Metro's known systems. While behind closed doors, the Peace Over Violence charity allegedly received a series of particularly lucrative no-bid contracts in order to run the entire hotline for over $800,000.

A whistleblower came forward

Just recently, a Metro whistleblower came forward to FOX 11 in order to pull back the whole curtain on how the whole hotline came to become and also expose what she stated is known as political back scratching at the actual expense of the taxpayers.

According to Jennifer Loew, this hotline was actually costing taxpayers anywhere between three to eight thousand dollars for a single call. It was also stated that they actually wanted to hide it from the taxpayers in the L.A. County and this is why she chose to expose it.

How did Leow spot the irregularities

Leow is currently working aht the known Metro as a particular transit security special project manager. A project that she was recently put in charge of was the known "Off Limits" hotline, which she has stated has actually just been a failure ever since it previously started.

She stated that for the beginning few years of this contract, the known hotline was functional for 24 hours a day and operated 7 days a week but only received an average of about one phone call a day. It was also stated that not all of these calls were useful calls as some of them were actual hang-ups resulting in a really low call volume.

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The story continues

FOX 11 has been able to submit a series of records that request that poured all over the known call logs Metro and the Peace Over Violence report to the actual public for the known "Off Limits" hotline which already appears to show that only over 1,300 calls were ever made to this hotline ever since it's beginning in 2017 but Leow says this is not the whole story.

Leow stated that the documents that FOX 11 were able to obtain actually showed that for the hotline's very first month in January 2017, the Metro only reported the hotline to receive a total of 137 calls. Taking a closer look at the given logs show that not all of the calls were actually applicable while some were just a test and others simple hang-ups but then they were apparently still counted as part of the total calls.

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