Just this week, former President known as Barack Obama shared on Twitter, something quite personal with his millions of social media followers. He shared a specific number, a phone number, with a simple followup message urging people to "text" him.

Before going into what happens when you text the number, it's better to first understand why he actually did it. Election day is slowly creeping up and the early voting is currently underway throughout a various number of states all across the entire nation.

With a certain record number of different voters are expected to cast their vote through the male as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Obama currently wants to know how the people are doing and also how they plan to vote as of this year.

Obama's peculiar post

Obama wrote in his shared post across multiple social media platforms that he wants to try something new. He then sends out an inviting message saying that if anyone is in the United States, they should send him a text at the given number 773-365-9687. He then stated that he wants to know how the people are doing, what is on the mind of the people, and how they actually plan to vote this current year.

Barack Obama then added that he will be in touch with the people from time to time in order to share what was on his mind as well. Obama's very own post was actually accompanied with a certain picture of both him and his wife, the former first lady Michelle Obama staring at the phone.

The former president Obama is actually not the only one within the whole Obama household that is trying to get in touch with different voters, Michelle Obama was also making a significant push to actually register even more voters right before election day through the When We All Vote, a particular nonpartisan voter engagement organization that she currently co-chairs.

The necklace that she was seen wearing during the Democratic National Convention speech actually spelled out the word VOTE and it instantly went viral.

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What you get when you contact the number

Obama did not actually give his own personal phone number but when you call it, you will get three rings then hear a familiar voice saying "Hi it's Barack Obama" following up with the message to send a text and that he will also send messages every once in a while.

Once you text the number, you will also get a really immediate response but this time, giving a link for people to sign up with. The link then directs you to Community.com which is a text-based platform that actually enables instant communication on a great massive scale through simple text messaging.

To sign in, you'll have to input your own name, birthday, gender, and also city as well as providing your email address although the email ad is optional.

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