A recent video was uploaded to Twitter showing just how Tesla's autopilot manages to maneuver through heavy rains outside. As per the video, it shows how the autopilot was reliably stable despite the heavy pouring rain. Tesla has been making headlines for being an electric vehicle company but not a lot of people know that the strong suit of this company also includes their software.


Tesla's software updates and how the system functions

Just like the iOS, the Tesla models consistently updates when there are new and better features to be added to the car making new information available with every update. This upgrades also improve the whole autopilot system helping with driving assistance in shaky situations like heavy rains and etc.

The autopilot feature is not technically made to be a replacement of human driving but rather an assistance as of this moment. There have been a lot of autopilot testing out there that have not been as successful as people would imagine but with Tesla, it seems that the autopilot engineering has made sure to make it safe, functional, and reliable.

Tesla is trying to break the UK market

Currently, Tesla is looking at a lot of expansion as they are trying to expand into the European market after dominating the US market. Although Tesla is not the top sold car in the country, the Tesla Model 3 was actually the top selling car in California during the first quarter versus both gasoline and diesel cars. On top of that, Tesla has been dominating the electric car market in the united states becoming one of the most popular electric car brands in the country.

Tesla is currently constructing a Gigafactory in Europe which aims to boost their capacity to supply Europe with Tesla cars. This is also a smart move because of the UK's choice to do their part in fighting environmental change. UK's whole plan is to become completely electric when it comes to cars by the year 2035. Although this might seem a couple of years away, a whole transition could mean a huge potential market for the number one electric vehicle supplier.

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What could this mean for Tesla in general?

The transition to the use of electric vehicles includes the obsoletion of gasoline and diesel cars in general. UK is already slowly offering incentives for those who switch to electric cars while the companies that manufacture gasoline and diesel cars are also shifting their production into electric cars as well.

With the new Gigafactory over in Germany, Tesla will be able to supply more cars to Europe and increase their global reach. The problem back then when Tesla was trying to penetrate the Europe market was not actually the lack of buyers, it was the lack of supply and the harsh logistics of shipping the cars and etc.

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