According to NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine on Twitter, MEXT has just recently requested about $2.7 billion for the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency's very own 2021 funding. This huge budget request is by far the highest requested and highest granted resulting in about a 50% increase from the current budget. The NASA Administrator then thanked MEXT (or Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology) for actually seeking out the necessary funding for Japan to be able to support #Artemis.


Canadian Space Agency Astronaut Joshua Kutryk retweeted this news saying that it is evidence that we are all currently living in truly inspirational times resulting in a truly "unlimited future". It was also stated by the Canadian Space Agency Astronaut that they do so as a generation that is likely to preside over a whole golden era of space exploration and opportunity.


The support being received

The support of Japan to the Artemis project has shown an additional ally to NASA and should be beneficial for both parties. It was stated in some replies to the tweets that this could well be a move by Japan to make sure that US is able to accomplish the moon mission before China does. Although Japan failed to get to the moon, the country can still be supportive of NASA's movements towards finally advancing to the moon.

The Artemis program is said to be NASA's mission that will finally land the very first woman and also the next man on the Moon itself by the year 2024. This will be done using better innovative technologies in order to explore more of the whole lunar surface and maybe find out more than they have ever done before.

It was said that they will also collaborate with the upcoming commercial and international partners as well as establish a particular sustainable exploration that should be finished by the end of this decade. The next step would be for NASA to learn everything they can about the Moon in order to take their greatest leap in history yet, Mars!

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SpaceX's involvement in the Artemis mission

Aside from just NASA, Elon Musk himself, the founder and CEO of SpaceX, has expressed his passion in being able to take human beings all the way to Mars. Although admittedly it might take a long time from now, Elon Musk is definitely determined to accomplish what needs to be accomplished in order to send human beings to Mars and possibly even create a future Mars colony.

SpaceX and NASA also have another mission lined up in 2022 to explore the "golden asteroid" which is a known asteroid with about $700 quintillion in gold within it.

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