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Brigham Young University- Idaho is now issuing a warning against college students who are intentionally contracting coronavirus and recovering from it, then selling their plasma to make money from hospitals. This comes following Food and Drug Administration (FDA)'s Convalescent Plasma Therapy drive inviting donations from recovered patients for a certain fee.

Idaho's Brigham Young is now cracking down on students who are using an unconventional way to gain funds during this time of pandemic by using the illness as the source of funds. "Money making" using COVID-19 is a risky business that has no guarantee of safety.

College Students Contract COVID-19 Intentionally

According to The Hill, Brigham Young is currently investigating its student body for evidence of the COVID scheme. Reports were rising on college students who are testing positive for coronavirus, and the university is concerned for the welfare of the students.

COVID-19 should not be taken lightly by anyone, even the young at age and healthy in body, as the virus still has unconfirmed and undetermined extent. The virus is known to be unstable in laboratory tests and studies, still having unknown extent of its effects.

Brigham Young University is currently operating with the face-to-face set-up because of Idaho loosening its restrictions and allowing schools to function normally. However, the university previously warned that it would cease operations and migrate to online learning if cases continue to surge in the state or Madison Country.

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Brigham Young's Statement: Intentional Cases Gets Permanent Dismissal

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According to Brigham Young University's recently published statement, public health agencies in the state are advising for extensive and increased health restrictions because of the soaring cases of the virus. The university is looking at its students who refuse to practice social distancing and wear masks.

Additionally, students who will be caught intentionally contracting the COVID-19 virus will face an immediate suspension and a permanent dismissal from the university. This decision aims to protect other students in Brigham Young.

Brigham Young is working closely with the Eastern Idaho Public Health (EIPH) to maintain the overall safety and health concerns of students, staff, and educators. Currently, the university will continue operations and will not close the campus, but EIPH can immediately shut down classes anytime.

Convalescent Plasma: FDA's Emergency Treatment Plan

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FDA recently allowed the emergency use of COVID-19 recovered patient's blood for treatment on severe cases. Convalescent Plasma Therapy is FDA's answer to the spreading of the virus in the country, aiming to boost the antibodies against COVID.

NIAID Director Dr Anthony S. Fauci is known to reject this idea, saying that this method lacks research and has a baseless study that backs it. The experimental treatment was considered to be risky, even during the current period.

However, the FDA still uses this method and asks from COVID recoveries a share of their plasma to help other patients boost their antibodies.

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