Sony's PlayStation and Marvel are under massive controversy after changing Miles Morales' kicks from Nike's Jordan 1s to Adidas on the new PS5 game, "Spider-Man: Miles Morales." Fans are now taking the outrage to Twitter with several opinions going against Marvel and Adidas' collaboration to be the main perpetrator of the change.

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Miles Morales' early days as the crime-fighting webhead in the streets of Harlem pegged him to wear the street version costume of Spider-Man. The street version includes a hoodie, jacket, cargo shorts, and rubber shoes. However, in Sony's latest game release, Miles Morales is wearing something different for his kicks.

According to Comic Book Gaming, Sony has been teasing the public of the different costumes that will be seen in one of PS5's feature games, "Spider-Man: Miles Morales." The fan-favorite webhead will finally have its most-awaited solo game as a sequel to PlayStation 4's massively-grossing "Spider-Man" title released in 2018.

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Twitter Fans' Fury: Marvel Should've Chosen Nike; J1s for Miles

Twitter user Nice Kicks (@nicekicks) recently posted a side-to-side photo of Miles Morales sporting two different sneakers, one from the favorite 2018 movie and the other from PS5's latest release of the sequel game.

The sneaker reviews website pointed out the difference in Spider-Man's sported shoes, making the public see the small detail. The post generated a considerable buzz, with fanatics arguing that it was a wrong move by Marvel. Nice Kick's post went viral with 618 likes, 451 retweets, and a handful of comments that are mostly against the change.

Currently, Marvel is in collaboration and partnership with the German shoe manufacturer, Adidas, the reason for the web-slinging hero to don the three-striped sneakers. The photo shown of PS5's Miles Morales is not even the famous "Into the Spider-Verse" costume with the black and red costume under the hoodie and cargo shorts.

Twitter users argue that PlayStation's developers used an Ultra Boost or Kanye West's Yeezy Boosts. Both "Boost" sneakers from Adidas would have done justice for the character, not the basic trainer kicks that the PS5 character sports.

Marvel x Nike with Miles Morales' J1s

The branding deal between Marvel and Nike first saw wide usage two years ago in 2018's action-animation film, "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" from Sony. Miles Morales, also known as the new Spider-Man, rocked the hi-top sneakers from Nike, the Jordan 1 in iconic Red and White.

The Jordan 1 is one of the most iconic sneakers in the world today, as popularized by the NBA Hall of Famer and Shooting Guard of the Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan. The fictional Miles Morales is of an African-American and Latino descent, with fans arguing that Jordans are the fitting sneakers for him to represent "The Hood" and Harlem, New York.

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