With massive internet speed, the known Ten Gigabit (TPG) Adelaide network has been able to complete its goal by providing 10Gbps to a total of 1,000 buildings all connected in the city. The project initially kicked off back in 2018 according to an article by ZDnet and was originally a task involving a total of 82 or about over 50 miles of fiber cable along with 26,000 spliced fibers and also a total of eight different 10G core sites.

City of Adelaide's 10Gbps will serve multiple businesses  

The whole 10Gbps was made possible due to TPG building the entire network. It was stated by Adelaide Lord Mayor Sandy Verschoor in another article by ZDnet that the whole landmark project was the very first of its own kind in Australia.

This project is said to represent a really significant strategic commitment by the entire City of Adelaide in order to provide the whole city business with the known world-class digital infrastructure laid down to help create additional jobs in order to boost the city's economy.

How much does 10Gbps cost?

It was also stated that the recently set up network is also a great asset for different local businesses, as there are already hundreds that have been discovered, and is also a very compelling factor to be able to attract new business from the interstate or even from around the entire globe.

TPG also stated that it currently already has "several hundred organizations" all existing in the network. The known Telco also charges about $440 AUS or about $310 USD/month in order to avail the symmetrical 1Gbps service along with a 48-month contract. Customers will then be able to jump to a higher symmetrical internet speed of 10Gbps for an additional $120 AUS or about $85 USD per month.

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The competition can't keep up?

Comparing this internet speed to the highest speeds available on the whole NBN shows that the competition is only at 1Gbps down as well as 400Mbps upwards. When widely seeking certain applications for different connections to buildings, the official City of Adelaide actually reached out to 1,000 applicants within the span of only nine weeks.

Back in August, ACCC publicly revealed that the NBN already had 45,000 premises that were connected straight to its new Home Plans that all offer speeds of about 100/20, 250/25, and also 500-1,000/50Mbps.

This kind of internet speed is still very rare anywhere else in the world with some places requiring users to pay a premium more than TPG is charging in order to avail just 1Gbps. Some countries barely reach 100Mbps which is already considered premium. There are no official announcements for TPG's next move on expanding their 1,000 users.


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