Neuralink has recently gone public with its plans and according to a post on, it looks like the company is now looking for a Quality Assurance Specialist. The post detailed what Neuralink is doing which is developing certain ultra-high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces that are made to connect humans towards computers.

Neuralink job opening

The post said that Neuralink is building a team of different multidisciplinary experts that are all passionate about actually making a significant world-changing impact.

It was also posted that the company is looking for accomplished candidates that hold a record of certain outstanding achievements in the quality assurance area. The role means working with Neuralink's medical and technical teams in order to ensure both the safety and efficacy studies do comply with the standard and good laboratory practices.

The post stated that it also included making sure that device manufacturing follows the relevant regulation around the design controls as well as strict good manufacturing practices.

It was stated that the applicant will be expected to be able to maintain a master schedule listing all controlled activities and also become intimately familiar with the ongoing relevant study plans, the standard operating procedures, and of course, the quality management systems.

It is stated that the applicant will also be responsible for audits of manufacturing quality,the animal studies, and the records, and also report the findings directly to the stakeholders. The successful candidate is expected to be highly adaptable, effective communicators, detail-oriented, and also possess a keen sense of general urgency.

The key qualifications for the Neuralink position and what is offered

Key qualifications:

  • Deep experience in auditing GMP and/or GLP processes

  • Is familiar with FDA regulations

  • Has a strong understanding of both engineering first principles and scientific methods

  • Has strong communication and organization skills

What is offered:

  • Opportunity to be able to change the world as well as work amongst a few of the most talented and smartest experts from different fields

  • Potential for growth. Team members that have an outsized impact are rapidly advanced.

  • Flexible vacation policy

  • Dental, medical, and vision insurance through an excellent PPO plan

  • Meals included

  • Stock options

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Neuralink assures its applicants

Neuralink then assures its applicants of equal opportunity in all of their employment practices towards all of the qualified employees and even applicants without any regards to the religion, race, color, age, gender, national origin, disability, military status, marital status, genetic information, or even any other category that is protected by the local, state, and federal laws.

The policy is said to apply in all of the aspects of employment relationship, hiring, recruitment, compensation, transfer, promotion, disciplinary action, layoff, return of layoff, social and recreational programs, and training. These are all employment decisions that Neuralink says will be made without any unlawfully discrimination towards any prohibited basis.

There are also other job openings available on Neuralink's website.

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