Sony is supposed to launch the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita in China on Jan. 11. However, the said launch had to be delayed due to "various factors."

Included in the delay are the console's various accessories and gaming software. Sony didn't disclose when it plans to start selling the consoles in China and promised to make an announcement at a later date.

"The official launch of PlayStation 4 will be delayed due to various reasons," said Sony. "The specific product launch date will be given in a separate notice."

The company added that pre-sales of its product in the region will be suspended, effective immediately.

Sony plans to offer the PlayStation 4 in China at the retail price of $468. Likewise, the company said the PlayStation Vita, its handheld game console, will be available at a price tag of around $210.

A year ago, China lifted a ban on gaming consoles which had existed for 14 years. The move gave both Sony and Microsoft access to China's gaming market, which earned revenue of close to $14 billion in 2013.

China's population of 1.37 billion makes the region a large market for consoles.

Though the ban has been lifted, China continues to adhere to its regulations on keeping the market moderated.

TechTimes previously reported that "China has banned over 40 popular video gaming titles, deeming them a threat to the country's security. Some of the banned titles include Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Battlefield 4, a game in which China is provoked into a third world war with Russia and the U.S."

China's regulation imposes strict manipulation on materials which the region believes to be violent, obscene or politically sensitive. Based on Shanghai's Free Trade Zone, the games must pass the rigorous inspection done by the cultural authorities.

Sony said that it is offering game titles such as Final Fantasy and Little Big Planet 3 along with a few titles that are coming from Chinese developers. The company had already submitted the game content to related authorities, who haven't yet released an approval. It's not clear whether the games' review process is to be blamed for the delay.

In September last year, the Xbox One also experienced a brief delay in the launch of its products. When it did launch, Chinese media said it sold 100,000 units during its first week, although Microsoft reportedly declined to confirm that number.

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