Phasmophobia guide on how to use items
(Photo : Phasmophobia / Twitter) Some Phasmophobia items can be affected by Ghost Activity.
Phasmophobia guide on how to use items
(Photo : Phasmophobia / Twitter ) You can check some activities in the Truck via in-game items.

Indie horror and co-op game "Phasmophobia" has been taking the world by storm, with many saying it's the most terrifying game they have ever played--and by looking at the internet videos and reactions by new and infamous YouTube and Twitch gamers, that might hold some truth.

Phasmophobia guide on how to use items
(Photo : Phasmophobia / Twitter )
You can check some activities in the Truck via in-game items.

The main objective of "Phasmophobia" is to find evidence of paranormal activity and then find out what type of Ghost is haunting the place, and you only have around five minutes before the Ghost gets agitated by your snooping around and haunt you, as per ProdigyGamers, so you also have to leave the place unscathed, if not traumatized for life.

Players can stay inside the safety of a truck and use CCTV cameras and motion sensors, or you can get your hands dirty and do the investigation at the location.

How to Use 'Phasmophobia' Items

So, how do you find Ghosts and survive "Phasmophobia"?

The game will offer items that you can buy and use during your investigation, but even if you have all the money in "Phasmophobia" and have all the items, it won't do you any good if you don't know what they're for.

With that, here are all the items you can get in-game and how to use them (thanks, IGN!).

Photo Camera

In-game price: $40

To earn money in "Phasmophobia," you need a Photo Camera to capture paranormal activities on the job. By making more money, you can buy more equipment you can use.


In-game price: $15

The Candle is a better light source than your flashlight, which flickers and is practically affected when a Ghost is nearby. To use a Candle, you'll need a Lighter. Right-click when turning on the Lighter and press F to light the Candle.

Sanity Pills

In-game price: $45

Your Sanity is essential when playing "Phasmophobia" (both literally in real life and figuratively in the game), and it will drop once Ghost Activities are higher, and they start hunting you. Sanity Pills will increase your Sanity level and may help avoid getting attacked by Ghosts.


In-game price: $10

It can provide extra light, but it's best used to light Candles and Smudge Sticks.


In-game price: $30

You can use the Flashlight as your primary source of light, but remember, it can get dark real quick if a Ghost is nearby.

Strong Flashlight

In-game price: $50

The Stronger Flashlight is an upgraded version of the Flashlight and can be used as a light source when exploring bigger locations. But Ghosts can still affect it.

Smudge Sticks

In-game price: $15

Smudge Sticks can temporarily stop a paranormal activity, so you can carry out specific objectives without being chased by Ghosts--or if your poor heart can't simply handle more scare.

It can be lit with a Lighter and follows the same process as when lighting a Candle.

EMF Reader

In-game price: $45

The EMF or the Electro Magnetic Field Reader is a piece of common equipment in every paranormal investigation, reel and real and detects fluctuations in electromagnetic fields left behind by Ghost activity.

In "Phasmophobia," the EMF can be used to detect a Ghost nearby, but only an EMF Level 5 reading will be counted as Evidence. If it reaches that, you're investigating a Banshee, Phantom, Shade, Oni, Jinn, or Revenant.

Phasmophobia guide on how to use items
(Photo : Phasmophobia / Twitter)
Some Phasmophobia items can be affected by Ghost Activity.

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In-game price: $30

A Thermometer allows you to locate a Ghost faster as the temperature drops once one is near.

Although all Ghosts will make a temperature drop, your Thermometer will reach a freezing temp of 0°C/32°F if you're dealing with a Phantom, Yurei, Banshee, Demon, Mare, or Wraith.


In-game price: $20

You can use a Glowstick to navigate larger locations, but it's best used to find Fingerprints left behind by the supernatural as a UV Light alternative. If you use a Glowstick and find some Fingerprints, you're hunting either a Poltergeist, Spirit, Wraith, Banshee, or Revenant.

UV Light

In-game price: $35

UV Lights can be used to check for Fingerprints or Footprints left behind by Ghosts. See Glowstick for possible Ghosts you're hunting.

Infrared Light Sensor

In-game price: $65

This item can detect both human and paranormal events, and when they do sense someone or something, it will light up a room. It's best used when no other human is around.


In-game price: $15

If you've been watching "Supernatural," you know that Salt is valuable when there's a haunting. In Phasmophobia, Salt is toxic to most kinds of Ghostsand will cause them to leave behind Footprints that you can detect under a UV Light or Glowstick.

Wraiths won't leave behind Footprints like other Ghosts, but it will stop attacking once it travels over placed Salt.


In-game price: $30

The Crucifix helps stop a Ghost from entering its hunting phase to attack you, but it should be placed near a Ghost to take effect. You might need more Crucifixes if the haunting takes place in a large location.

It's more effective against a Banshee.

Video Camera

In-game price: $50

Video Cameras can be set up in various locations to capture paranormal activity when the lights are off, with a live feed to the truck where another player can check them. If there's a Ghost, the feed will show Ghost Orbs. The Ghost Orb is either a Phantom, Jinn, Poltergeist, Mare, Yurei, or Share.

You can place a Video Camera in a room by putting it on the ground. The green light means it's on and recording, while red says otherwise. Right-click to turn it on and left-click to rotate it. Press F to put it on the ground.

In the truck, you click the keyboard to activate the Video Camera's night vision and the mouse to check all the Cameras you've placed.


In-game price: $25

Tripods can be used to mount a Video Camera, which is sometimes better as it provides better height and engle for capturing Ghost Orbs.

Head-Mounted Camera

In-game price: $60

The Head-Mounted Camera basically works the same way as Video Cameras and captures the same types of Ghosts. Plus, it won't take up inventory space.

Motion Sensor

In-game price: $100

The Motion Sensor might be the most expensive Phasmophobia item, but it can detect even the subtlest change in the atmosphere. This is linked to the map in the Truck, and you'll get an alert once a Ghost passes by a Motion Sensor you've placed.

Parabolic Microphone

In-game price: $50

The Parabolic Microphone allows you to identify Ghosts through walls and at a greater distance. It's the portable version of a Sound Sensor.

Sound Sensor

In-game price: $80

A Sound Sensor listens to even the quietest sounds and vibrations in the air. You'll be notified in your Truck if a Sound Sensor captures something.

Ghost Writing Book

In-game price: $40

This item allows a Ghost, especially a Yurei, Revenant, Share, Oni, Spirit, or Demon, to write in the book. You can either hold it or drop it in the ground for it to work. There is a higher chance of a Ghost writing if there's a higher Ghost Activity.

Spirit Box

In-game price: $50

Using a Spirit Box can help you gain another Evidence by capturing frequencies that could help you communicate with spirits.

You need to be in the same room as the Ghost or near it, and the light should be turned off. You can then ask questions in four categories, namely, Age, Location, Difficulty, and Personal. However, Ghosts might be shy half of the time and may only communicate if there's only one person nearby.

A Mare, Demon, Spirit, Jinn, Oni, Wraith, or Poltergeist will respond to the Spirit Box.

Ouija Board

A Ouija Board is the only "Phasmophobia" item that you can't buy, but you can find it at locations to communicate with Ghosts. However, you can drain your Sanity, except when you're dealing with a Demon.

According to IGN, a Ghost will respond 67% of the time if you ask questions from the Voice Command guide that they recognize. If they do, they would move the planchette and spell out their answer. 33% of the time, you will anger the Ghost.

You can capture photos of the Ouija Board for a cash reward.

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