"Call of Duty" has been one of the most celebrated first person shooting games not just because of how early the franchise started out providing heavy and entertaining gameplay for earlier gamers, but also because of the intricate storyline that allows players to be sucked right in. The recent "Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War" actually has three separate endings for those that are not yet aware. Depending on what you do these three different endings can be unlocked.

How to unlock different endings in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War'

The choices that players make at the very end of the game will unlock very different endings. Although a couple of these choices aren't really that extensive as they were during the earlier games in the current series like the Black Ops 2, the current game definitely still rocks some pretty crazy twists, according to an article by Gameranx.

Some of the said endings kind of seem quite impossible to make the whole Black Ops story continue, but nobody can be sure what the game creators have in mind for the future of the story. Warning, reading this article might reveal certain spoilers about the game.

While a lot of gamers have been talking about the game actually having three major endings, the truth is there are actually only two different endings with another two major variations, and also a few smaller variations. These smaller variations are really subjected to what the player decides to do within the whole campaign. For those who want to know what exactly they are going to be looking for, here's a breakdown of the "Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War" alternate endings.

First ending: The Truth Ending

During the given mission called the "Identity Crisis" it is important that players will pick the "Truth" option. This then will unlock the later on "The Final Countdown" mission. This is allegedly the "best" ending that the game can come out with but it might take a while to understand the meaning behind these endings. A video of this full ending was uploaded to YouTube by BIGark.

Second ending: The Ambush Ending

Back in the "Identity Crisis mission, if players pick out "Lie", after lying, players should rush directly to the gate located in the very back of the given safe house. Players should unlock the door some earlier in the game in order to make this ending possible.

After this, directly rush straight towards the back room in order to use the radio and notify of the ambush. This then gives players the opportunity to experience the famous "Ashes to Ashes" as their final mission.

Third ending: The Failed Lie

Just like the previous ending, all players need to do is to choose the "Lie" option but refrain from calling in an ambulance. This ends everything and the player won't be able to get revenge of any sort. Although this might unlock the "Ashes to Ashes" mission, it will then change the ending.

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There are also a few things players can do in order to change the ending of "Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold Warfare".

How to Change 'CoD: Black Ops Cold Warfare' ending (by just a little bit):

  • Kill Qadim

  • Kill/capture Volkov

  • Complete the operation Chaos

  • Complete the operation Red Cross

  • Save Lazar or Park, or let both of them die

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