The Xbox Series X also joins this year as one of the most sought after technology that stirs up the world on massive scavenger hunts to obtain Microsoft's next-generation console. Microsoft is facing major stock problems as several pre-orders are getting delays in shipment and availability to retail stores for aspiring gamers to purchase.

LOOK: Here's $499 Xbox Series X Hole-y Moley Design; Is it a Good Buy?
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LOOK: Here's $499 Xbox Series X Hole-y Moley Design; Is it a Good Buy?

The new console from Microsoft, Xbox Series S and X, recently released two full days ahead of the PlayStation 5 but problems plague the console as stocks were surprisingly unavailable for those who have pre-purchased. Gamers are disappointed by the news they received from an e-commerce retailer, Amazon, which would have the delays until December 2020.

Xbox Series X Delays and Pushbacks

No reasons were given or announced by Microsoft regarding the shortage in stocks and supplies by the Xbox Series S and X which had almost two months of preparation and production ever since its reveal last September. Xbox Series X's initial delay in distribution is now giving the console a bad name amongst the gaming community.

Xbox Series X Tracker: Here are the Retailers to Spot for Console Restock

Now In Stock. net offers an immersive and real-time tracking for the different retailers which offers the sale of both Xbox Series S and X on its websites for users to enjoy. Despite not reaching the pre-order period, users are still given different opportunities to get one's hand on the new console from Microsoft.

The website offers the variant of the Xbox Series on a table, along with its Solid State Drive's capacity, color, and retailer which offers the sale. Like the PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series X are also available for sale despite missing out on the initial pre-order period which rapidly went out-of-stock during the launch period.

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Xbox Series X Tracker: Where to Buy Xboxes this November 2020

Xbox Series X
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Amazon completes the top three trusted retailers for the sale of almost anything. The largest e-commerce company in the country sells almost anything with manufacturers having its accounts. Microsoft's Official store offers the Xbox Series X but stocks are running out fast. Look out for Amazon's website and ready payment credentials and information.

Amazon Status: Out of Stock

Last Stock Status: November 10, 11:25 AM

Price: $499 SRP (Black or White 512 GB Variant)

Check-out Xbox Series X's Listing on Amazon.


GameStop is still one of the most notable places to get all gaming needs. The Microsoft Series X are also offered on different bundles from GameStop, along with the different colors and variants of the console.

Price: $499.99

GameStop Status: Out of Stock

Last Stock Status: November 10, 3:34 AM

Check-out Xbox Series X Deals and Bundles on GameStop.


The manufacturer is one of the most reliable stock distributors for the new consoles and Microsoft is not shy of the same designation. Microsoft is one of the best places to scout for Xbox Series X's stocks and wait for availability. The company also offers pre-orders again for people willing to wait.

Price: $499 SRP

Microsoft Status: Out of Stock

Check-out Microsoft's website for Xbox Series X Console and Deals.

Sam's Club

Sam's Club moves away from the well-known retailers and e-commerce website in the country which offers more on hobby or specialized goods. Moreover, the e-commerce website is one of the tracker's listed retailers which have a recent status.

Price: $499 SRP (1TB Variant, Black)

Sam's Club Status: Out of Stock

Last Stock Status: September 23, 8:42 AM

Check-out Xbox Series X on Sam's Club.


Walmart was the most sought after retailer in terms of the PS5 sales but would also feature several console units from Microsoft. The Xbox Series X on Walmart can also give users "in-stock alerts" by subscription.

Price: $499 SRP (1TB Variant)

Walmart Status: Out of Stock

Check-out Xbox Series X on Walmart.

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