The whole thought of a National Unfriend Day might sound a little uninviting but what started as a joke is now actually being taken seriously by a number of people. According to an article by ABCnews, the whole idea of this holiday was initially started by Jimmy Kimmel just a couple of years ago. Today, the holiday has actually become an annual day to participate and it takes place on November 17.

National Unfriend Day by Jimmy Kimmel

In order to participate, all that Facebook users have to do is to give their friends list a long look and slowly start picking out people to unfriend. Not only is this a great way to clear up the people that users might not know, this is also an opportunity for them to clear out the people they do not really want to appear on their timeline.

According to an etiquette expert author as well as the founder of The Protocol School of Texas Diane Gottsman in her statement to ABCnews, just because a user unfriends someone does not technically mean that this is a direct negative move. It was said that sometimes users just need to cut out the list of people in order to redirect them towards another venue or site.

Facebook allegedly 'cheapens' friendship

With over 1.3 billion users all on Facebook, a number of these users have reported experiencing certain friend requests coming from either another elementary school classmate or even an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend that they have experienced in college which  adds to the list. According to Gottsman when deciding on whether to add relatives or not, it is best to use good judgement calls.

According to an article by dailyhive, the holiday was originally created by Jimmy Kimmel back in 2010, who publicly announced the day on his popular nightly talk show known as the Jimmy Kimmel Live. Jimmy Kimmel even noted that he believes friendship to be a sacred thing and that social media Facebook is actually cheapening it.

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It is impossible to 'have a thousand friends'

According to the host, he goes on Facebook and he sees people with about thousands of what the social media calls as "friends" but he noted that this is indeed impossible to do in real life. He stated that it is actually impossible to "have a thousand friends". This statement holds some truth as it is hard to even remember upward of 100 names all at once.

There are some people that are very good at remembering names and faces but a majority of people actually have a hard time maintaining a hundred friends, let alone a thousand. National Unfriend Day could be a great solution to the clogged Facebook profile not knowing who actually pops up on the seen timeline as most people on Facebook actually add random people that they do not know.

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