Cheap gadgets are one of the best gifts that you can buy for the upcoming Christmas season and New Year celebration. However, experts warned that these affordable products could lead to dangerous accidents.

Beware of Purchasing Cheap Electronics From eBay and Amazon; Experts Report a Laptop Explodes Due to Battery From Amazon
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A worker prepares packages for delivery at an Amazon warehouse on September 4, 2014 in Brieselang, Germany. Germany is online retailer Amazon's second largest market after the USA. Amazon is currently in a standoff with several book publishers over sales conditions and prices for e-books, and hundreds of authors in the US and Europe have written letters in support of the publishers.

Electrical Safety First (ESF) suggested that people should stick with reputable websites of trusted retailers instead of buying cheap electronics from third-party sellers, according to Your's latest report.

The safety charity explained that if shoppers go to online marketplaces, they are increasing the risk of buying dangerous devices that present fire risks.

Battery from Amazon leads to fire accident

According to BBC News' latest report, a laptop catches fire after a battery from Amazon was fitted into the device.

Beware of Purchasing Cheap Electronics From eBay and Amazon; Experts Report a Laptop Explodes Due to Battery From Amazon
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The Amazon website is seen on December 5, 2017 in Dandenong, Australia. Amazon has ended months of speculation by launching its local website overnight. The online retail giant has started taking orders and shipping products from its 'fulfilment centre' in Dandenong South, offering massive discounts on millions of items across more than 20 categories including electronics, toys, clothing, beauty and accessories.

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40-year-old Rachel Kent, the laptop's owner, purchased the battery on Amazon from a third-party seller.

"It was about 22:30, I was at home in my kitchen about to take my two dogs for a walk. My laptop was on a hard table, charging," she said via BBC News.

"I heard a very loud crackle and bang from the laptop," she added.

Kent explained that she saw the laptop exploded once more, then it caught fire, spreading across the table. She went to the garden with her dogs to get away from the explosion.

ESF claims baby toys are also dangerous

Lesley Rudd, Electrical Safety First's chief executive, said that people are likely to make the same purchases of other items in the run-up to the Christmas season.

Sue Davies, the head of consumer protection in the safety agency "Which?," said that they found some extremely dangerous items, such as baby toys, and Christmas lights, that are sold on the online shopping platforms.

These products are also considered as sub-standard or counterfeit products. But since they are cheap, people will more likely buy them to be gifted over the upcoming festive period.

She added that this winter, shoppers are relying more on online shopping. This is why online marketplaces must be provided with more legal responsibility for the safety of the items they are offering.

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