Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the holidays will be a little different than the past years, especially as parties are still prohibited and frowned upon, and you can't exactly run around buying presents for your loved ones. But if one thing is unchanged, it's that holiday movies are still pretty popular, and there are tons of new shows to binge.

binge-watch movies in bed
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There's a contest where all you need to do is stream some movies in bed.

Binge-watch Holiday Movies All You Want

Now, if you're like everyone else, binge-watching shows, especially holiday movies, are a guilty pleasure, and this time around, we can at least be comforted to know that we have all the time to stay in bed and watch all we want.

But there's more good news, as apparently there is an ongoing holiday contest that practically pays you to binge-watch in bed.

According to Lifehacker, the contest was launched by Beautyrest, a company that manufactures and sells mattresses and bed frames, which is probably why the emphasis on streaming in bed is apparent.

Unlike most contests like this, those who enter are not required to post anything on social media or write reviews of the movies and shows they watch.

However, when you enter the Beautyrest contest, you will be granting the company "unlimited, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, and royalty-free right, license, privilege, and permission" to use anything that you provide them for the contest, so do bear that in mind if you're considering joining the contest.

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How to Enter Contest and What You Can Win

Nevertheless, the only requirement needed to join is to create a one-sentence description with a maximum of 100 words on why you deserve a mattress upgrade.

A hundred winners will be chosen, and all of them will receive $100 Visa e-cards each, which allows them to upgrade their streaming platforms for a whole year of not worrying if they have enough on their cards to pay for the subscription service.

Moreover, 10 of the 100 lucky winners will also get a brand new mattress from Beautyrest worth up to $1599.

The winners will be selected at random on December 7 and will be contacted by the company via the email they use in their entry.

According to contest rules, citizens of the United States are the only ones eligible to enter, but residents from New York, Arizona, Florida, and Rhode Island cannot enter.

Can You Win This 'Dream Job'?

The contest has already started on November 16, but for those who haven't entered yet but are interested, the requirement can still be sent to the company until December 5 at 11:59 PM EST, so you still have plenty of time to think of what you're going to stay.

For those who want to enter, you can send your entry to BeautyrestUpgrade@icfnext.com.

Nevertheless, be sure to read all the contest rules and fine print before sending your entry.

Sure enough, this looks exactly like those "dream jobs" where you practically do nothing, watch some good shows, and not worry about anything, so if you're feeling lucky, this sweepstakes contest might be your chance of getting a decent holiday than the rest of us.

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