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With GTA V and Red Dead Online both ruling as Rockstar Games' main guns this year, fans, although busy with the current two games, are still looking forward to GTA 6. Could the new game be coming soon? While leaks have been going out left and right this year, it's hard to discern which of these leaks are actually leading towards reality.

An article by TeCake suggests another leak that could note the coming of a brand new Grand Theft Auto VI. It was stated that on Twitter, particularly well-known Rockstar Games insiders known as Yan2295 and Tezfunz2 have allegedly created "ridiculous claims" stating that the game is now on the far side of being "halfway done." The Tweets, however, are either hard to find or are older Tweets.

What year is GTA 6 coming out?

Another leak on Reddit by the user u/EliteFireBox has another angle. It was stated that while GTA V was initially released back in September 17, 2013, it was actually released 3 years after Rockstar Games released the official announcement. The theory then states that since Red Dead Redemption 2 was released back in October 2018, could the official Rockstar Games' announcement happen either in November or December of 2021?

This theory is then expounded by the fact that 2021 is 3 years after 2018 which could explain the 3 year pattern. This could also be a strategic time since this would allow users to have their fun with GTA V on the next-generation consoles. The statement, however, was clarified to still be pure speculation. Another notable piece of information was that GTA 4 was actually released in April 2008 while the first trailer of GTA V actually released in 2011 which happened three and a half years later.

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Is GTA 6 coming soon?

Another Reddit leak was provided by u/Notothat3 stated that the upcoming Grand Theft Auto VI could be in 2022 due to leaks coming out about the alleged new GTA online map. It was stated that Rockstar Games might actually use GTA remastered in order to impress people as well as get them hyped for an upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6.

Although this is another theory, this is not as evidence-supported as the other GTA 6 Reddit theory which showed a pattern. Although everything is still speculation, Rockstar Games has been known to be craftily foreshadowing an upcoming game in their current existing games.

Realistic Release date for GTA 6? from r/GTA6

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Has GTA 6 been confirmed?

As of the moment, fans will still have to wait for the official announcement of Rockstar Games in order to confirm these theories. As of the moment, there is no clue as to what Rockstar Games is doing with GTA 6 as they seem completely preoccupied with GTA Online as well as Red Dead Online for now.

With the success of Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online, fans are expecting quite a lot from the rumored GTA 6. The expectations go as far as expecting a GTA 6 even if Rockstar Games has not even officially given the announcement of this game.

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