The Apple iPhone 12 has recently launched in October and although the phone has been long awaited for quite some time now, users are still reporting issues with their device. There has been an increase of users that have all been reporting their new smartphones to have persistent drops when it comes to cellular coverage.

What is the problem with iPhone 12?

According to the story by MacRumors, there have been multiple reports circulating about the dropped LTE and 5G connectivity. It was stated in the article that the increase of complaints was seen on Reddit, on the official Apple's support forums, and even on the website's official MacRumors forums. The reports show that a number of people have all been suffering issues when they are either walking or even in transit but there have also been people that stated that the same issue is experienced even when stationary.

Other reports have emerged noting an alarming problem of users suddenly losing all of their reception bars and even seeing a typical "no service" message on their very own iPhone 12. This message was said to be seen despite the user being within an area of network coverage as well as seeing no connectivity issue on the other devices. It was also stated that the iOS version does not seem to be the problem this time.

iPhone 12 issues today

A number of users have already tried to get in touch with Apple's very own technical support or their official operators. Suggestions started coming that this issue could have been related to how the new iPhone 12 switches automatically between different cellular towers. The affected iPhones have reportedly passed all of Apple's previous diagnostic tests. While all toggling Airplane mode on and off might correct the lost signal for some users, other users state that this did not help.

The problem is not even just limited to the United States as other iPhone 12 users coming from different countries have started relaying their own experience with the given problem. As of the moment, it does not also appear to be a problem that is related to any specific network carrier. This is due to reports from users stretching across AT&T, Verizon, and even T-Mobile. Verizon noted that they are currently aware of the iPhone 12 issue.

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Why does my iPhone screen have a yellow tint?

On the comment section of MacRumors' article, there seems to be another potential problem that is popping out, according to the user Javisan, there are also multiple reports of users receiving their iPhone 12s, all four models, with an initial yellow tinted screen. There was no response given just yet. However, this could also prove to be a potentially big problem if the evidence starts popping up.

According to a particular Twitter user Tamm @bamm_tamm however, this issue can easily be fixed, It was reported that the yellow tint color can be adjusted by manually adjusting the device through Accessibility/Display/Color Filter. It was also stated that users should make sure that the true tone is off.

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