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Viewers Can Now React To Twitch Streamers With GIFs Thanks To Giphy

Twitch has finally added support for GIFs. Users can now access the new Giphy extension and start dropping PG-rated GIFs on their favorite broadcasters’ livestreams.

Apps/Software July 19, 2018

CS: GO Streamer James 'PhantomL0rd' Vargas Files Lawsuit Against Twitch Over 2016 Suspension

Popular streamer James "PhantomL0rd" Varga started a legal battle with Amazon-owned Twitch. The dispute stemmed from Varga’s suspension from the streaming site in July 2016, which led to his eventual departure.

Video Games February 21, 2018

Twitch Rebrands ‘Curse’ To Launch It As A Desktop App, Makes Streaming More Social

Twitch has announced that it’s rebranding Curse, acquired last year, as a desktop app, complete with streaming, communication, and marketplace features. Twitch confirmed that the app’s beta versions arrives March 16.

Apps/Software March 11, 2017

Twitch TV For Games And Munchies: 4-Day Julia Child Marathon To Stream Non-Stop

Twitch.TV is opening up a Food Channel for all things edible for its creative community. The Amazon-owned live streaming site will kick things off with 201 episodes of Julia Child's delectable creations.

Internet Culture March 17, 2016

Twitch Expands Its Creative Channel For Artists Where Users Can Watch Bob Ross Paint

Twitch Creative now includes its own landing page for artists and musicians to share and discover content that includes users painting, sculpting, building, offering makeup tutorials and crafting original songs.

Internet October 29, 2015

Twitch Drops Flash In Favor Of HTML5 And JavaScript

Live video streaming service Twitch, which focuses on video gaming, has revealed that it will be dropping Flash in favor of HTML5 and JavaScript. As part of the transition the video player will get revamped.

Apps/Software July 23, 2015

Say buh-bye to online video pioneer Time to switch to is no more as Twitch Interactive makes way for Users told to transfer, refunds available those with Pro Accounts. Is a Google acquisition involved in this move?

Business Tech August 6, 2014

Will Google scratch a $1B itch for Twitch?

Google appears to have a twitch to buy Twitch, a gaming streaming service. It might end up costing them $1B.

Internet July 25, 2014

Google might be planning to buy Twitch. Will it spend $1 billion to boost YouTube?

Google wants a blockbuster deal of its own, with YouTube reportedly buying Twitch, a video-game streaming service with 45 million users, for $1 billion.

Business May 19, 2014

Success of Twitch Plays Pokémon is a huge step forward for social experiments: Let Pokemon Crystal Begin!

The Twitch Plays Pokémon experiment has finally come to an end and a new adventure has already started - Pokemon Crystal!

Video Games March 3, 2014

Is Xbox safe for families? Inspired by porn on Xbox 360, 13-year old boy rapes 8-year old sister

A shocking news from Blackburn, England, reveals the dark underbelly of the Xbox and possibly other gaming consoles in the hands of unsupervised children.

Video Games February 6, 2014

Hacker DERP targets Twitch user by taking down LoL, DOTA 2 and calling police raid

2014 didn't go off to a good start for a Twitch user, whose life was turned into a nightmare by a hacker (or group of hackers) called DERP.

Video Games January 4, 2014

Twitch cracks down on PlayStation 4 users who stream objectionable content

A gamer used the PS4 to broadcast online, naked images of his drunken wife over the weekend. In response, Twitch TV, which was used to live stream the incident, has tightened its monitoring of broadcasts and has reminded users of its terms of service.

Video Games November 27, 2013

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