The ultimate goal of all Pokémon game players is to complete the Pokedex, and this goal applies to the "Pokémon: Sword and Shield" version.

To get the first half of the Pokedex, the player must become the champion of the Galar Region, but to complete the whole Pokedex, the player must reach base 400 and it is a task that some think is too difficult to fulfill.

Luckily, even though it could be difficult, it can still be done. "Pokémon: Sword and Shield" made it possible to fill out the Pokedex than any other game version. But what do you need to do to find all 400?

Collect Quick Balls

Before setting out to complete the Pokedex, make sure to load up on Quick Balls. Having enough Quick Balls will make it easier for you to catch wild Pokémon on every battle and it will make obtaining Pokémon faster.

You can purchase Quick Balls in Wyndon and they are sold in bulk. It is best to have at least 100 Quick Balls at hand because majority of Pokémon players added to the Pokedex are obtained through a catch instead of trading or breeding.

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Don't ignore trades

Start using the surprise trade feature as soon as you gain access to online play. This will allow you to put any Pokémon for trade and you can receive one in return. If you use surprise trade from the start and if you keep it active at all times during the game, you will surely receive at least a couple of good Pokémon.

Use the Pokedex

In "Pokémon: Sword and Shield", the Pokedex serves as a guide to give you an idea on what Pokémon you should catch next to fill it up. The Pokedex will tell you where to go and it can be beneficial for anyone who does not know where to begin.

Explore the Wild Area

The Wild Area is filled with rare and hard to find Pokémon. There are so many powerful Pokémon that chases down trainers, but you don't have to run from them. Some of the Pokémon that you can find in the wild area are Lucario, Machamp, Gengar, Gallade and Dusknoir.

Participate in Max Raid Battles

Aside from accepting surprise trades, joining max raid battles are also useful. You can catch exclusive versions of Pokémon's, catch those in rare base forms or difficult evolutions while earning watts. Watts can be used to pay the digging duo, which is the only way for you to get the fossil pieces of the Galar Region.

Change the Weather

There are Pokémon that are only available during certain weather conditions. Take note that on the 1sst day of each month, the wild area is set to a specific weather condition.

May 1st is normal weather, June 1st is foggy, July 1st is sunny weather, October 1st is rainy weather, November 1st has thunderstorms, December 1st is snowy weather, February 1st has hail, March 1st is cloudy weather and April 1st has sandstorm.

If you change the date and time of their Switch system, you will be able to change the date-in-game and you can change the weather conditions.


Some baby Pokémon's are more difficult to catch than their fully evolved forms. For these types of Pokémon, you can catch a wild Ditto to use for breeding.

By placing a Ditto and another Pokémon in the daycare center together, you will be rewarded with an egg and hatching the egg by biking or walking will result in the base form of the Pokémon's evolutionally line.

Easy evolution items

Numerous Pokémon need specific items to evolve. You can explore the wild area and find stone pillars in Lake of Outrage. Behind each stone pillar is an evolution stone that you can use to evolve Pokémon. You can also find evolution items around different routes of Galar or you can buy it with BP from the Battle Tower.

Ask friends or communities for help

If none of the other methods worked, you can turn to your friends or online communities for guidance and help. You can go online and check the sub-Reddit r/pokemontrades. There will be people who are willing to help you.

Isle of Armor

Once you've complete your Pokedex, you can do it all over again. The Isle of Armor DLC has 100 Pokémon to the Galar Region, and there is a new Pokedex that goes with it. You can complete the island-specific Pokedex and go on another adventure.

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