Artificial intelligence can be used in many innovations created by different companies. Tech firms can use this technology to improve their business organization, services, and other products.

AI can also make human work much easier, just like other technologies today. Moove IT, a custom software development company, enters the artificial intelligence world to acquire Marvik AI.

Moove IT

Moove IT Enters Machine Learning Technology

Moove IT designs, provides, and develops custom solutions for many companies looking to create technologies that could impact the world.

Moove IT

Moove IT experts offer a lot of services, including improving LinkedIn profiles. It will give you recommendations and other guides on your account that will certainly get the attention of many companies.

Although it is still improving its services' quality, this software consulting firm can surely provide you the solutions you need to improve your company or business.

Why you need Moove IT's help?

Moove IT

Are you planning to start a business? How about creating an app or managing the company's systems? If yes, then you should definitely inquire to Moove IT.

Moove IT Enters A New Journey in Machine Learning Technology As It Acquires Marvik AI Developing and designing reliable and sustainable solutions for both social and business purposes is now easy, thanks to Moove IT's high-quality services. With this custom software development, you can really expect that your partnership will go beyond technology since it will become deeply involved with your company's daily tasks.

Moove IT

Moove IT will collaborate with your business to ensure superior digital experiences for global advancement. Its vision is to deliver the highest quality services possible in the software industry, regardless of which technologies are applied to achieve clients' goals.

Moove IT's offered services

Since Moove IT is really dedicated to providing you and your business a better future in the world of artificial intelligence and other fields, expect that its services will certainly benefit your entire business.

If you're working in a company or owns a business, you surely have faced tight deadlines coming up, an in-house team lacking expertise in a specific task, or even the pressure of hiring talented employees that can improve your business. Once companies face these issues, the most common thing they'll do is hire professionals and create a solid team that will help them get the right tools and procedures needed to get the job done.

But there's a better option. You and your company or business can work with an established technology partner to coordinate with your team.

Moove IT is certainly a great option for this one. It can work as a plugin to your organization to bring tools, processes, and talented professions who will work smoothly into your operations and other daily tasks.

It will scale up your development team to speed up improvements and enhance your internal team using its best practices. The custom software development company not only improves your daily tasks, but it will also help you bring your product to life.

This company will give you all the tools and training you need to make your product. Once it is finished, you'll know that your product exceeds your expectations.

Moove IT acquires Marvik AI

Moove IT now makes another leap in its service. The software consulting firm now acquires Marvik AI after making a strategic investment.

This partnership allows Moove IT to make a new journey into the world of machine learning technology. The powerful collaboration will allow both of the companies to take greater challenges together by combining expertise.

Moove IT and Marvik AI's new goal is to create one of the industry's best artificial intelligence engineering teams. They want it to focus on offering strategic and high-value consulting services to their clients.

Marvik AI

The AI consulting firm was found by Paula Martinez and Rodrigo Beceiro in 2016. It also has the same vision and goals, but Marvik AI focuses more on artificial intelligence or machine learning technology.

The company already worked with other industries, offering services to clients in areas such as Natural Language Processing, Predictive Analysis, and Computer Vision.

Marvik AI claims that it creates cutting-edge, tailored solutions with the help of machine learning technology. This company wants to help you make other tech firms create their artificial intelligence as seamless and ubiquitous as possible.

"We are part of the Moove It ecosystem. More than 100 software developers, Fortune 500 clients, and offices in USA, Colombia and Uruguay support our operations," said Marvik AI.

Marvik AI is already doing this with its clients by helping them leverage their data, identify opportunities, and make data-driven decisions to make better business realities.

What makes Marvik AI different

Although Marvik AI focuses on technical, it is still making deep connections with different clients. The AI company helps many businesses and other companies to implement and discover their vision and goals.

Marvik AI offers a team of machine learning specialists, full-stack developers, and data researchers that will assist you in developing your own artificial intelligence product. You can expect that this company will still provide better services in the future since it is still growing and learning, allowing it to prepare until it can obtain and implement state of the art results or products.

Marvik AI's 5 important methods

  • Machine learning definitions and building a product backlog

Marvik AI will provide recommendations about the best machine learning algorithms and technologies that will certainly fit your project's needs. Once they are identified, the business or client will be partnered with a team to propose a possible product backlog and prioritize functionalities.

  • Define technical architecture and estimate the effort

Marvik AI will make recommendations and define the technical architecture for the implementation of the solution. It will also estimate the development effort needed to build the entire solution for your artificial intelligence and other products.

  • Evaluate feasibility and alternatives

The AI company's engineers will evaluate your data's quality and quantity to determine the feasibility of your company or business. Marvik AI claims it provides the best alternatives and new methods to leverage your data assets and relevant public datasets.

  • Understand your vision for the project and the desired business outcomes

This would be the most important step since Marvik AI will connect with your business, review your needs and goals, as well as analyze the market you are going to enter. The AI consulting firm will study the state-of-the-art possibilities relating to your project. Rest assured that you will come prepared since Marvik AI will ask you questions, analyze your competition and other references.

  • Machine learning Proof of concept (POC) development

In this part, Marvik AI will mitigate the issue of machine learning projects' uncertainty. It will help you understand what to expect during the development of your project. The Proof of Concept it'll produce for you includes evaluating their accuracy, processing times, development costs, benchmarking different alternatives, and more.

Marvik and Moove IT's methods, visions, and goals are truly promising. Moove IT is receiving great reviews from different clients. Working with this custom software development company will be a great start or improvement for your business or tech firm.

Now, just imagine working with both of them. You can really expect endless possibilities in your company's products and services.

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