Reddit users and gamers are now longing for a PS5 as the GRAMMY-winning rapper Eminem got a pleasant surprise from Santa Claus who gave him the PlayStation 5 console. The whole scene played out in a "Stan" parody by SNL called "Stu."

Eminem's cameo

"Saturday Night Live" mixed the Christmas cheer with Eminem's dark 2000 hit "Stan" to create a parody that included an unexpected cameo from the rapper.

In the parody video, Pete Davidson played as "Stu" who is an obsessed fan of Santa Claus and write him aggressive letters asking him for a PlayStation 5 for Christmas.

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As soon as the video parody aired, numerous gamers and Reddit users took their sentiments to Reddit and talked about hard to purchase and hard to find console.

Since its launch, PlayStation 5 are immediately sold out as soon as it hit the shelves. In the r/playstation sub-Reddit, users are wondering why it is so difficult to get their hands on the console, with some suggesting that there are people who are bulk buying it to sell it for a much higher price.

User u/Pierruno went as far as suggesting a theory that bots are helping the scalpers from bulk buying PS5 on online retail stores so they can target willing gamers.

Meanwhile, in the r/PS5 sub-Reddit, users were surprised by the rappers cameo at the end of the comedy sketch and was thrilled that Santa Claus was able to get a PS5 for Eminem.

The rapper ended the video thanking Santa Claus for the gift, and mentioning that he had been a "good boy" this year, and users hilariously wrote about how they want a PS5 from Santa Claus too.

PS5 sale

The "SNL" parody video pokes fun at how difficult it is for gamers to purchase PlayStation 5. It gets sold out just as soon as it becomes available.

Luckily, you don't have to write to Santa to get a PS5. There are now ways on how to keep your eye on the latest news about the console.

First, it is important to remember that restocks are no longer coming in massive waves like they did during the launch of the console and Black Friday. This is why it is best to check on major retailers or Sony to know when stocks will be available.

Sites such as Wario64 and PS5 Stock Alerts are helpful, so it is highly recommended to follow them. Turn on the notifications for Wario64 and you will get other notifications for other gadgets and devices too. As for PS5 Stock Alerts, you will only be notified about PS5.

Other trackers that you can follow are Stock Informer and Now In Stock. If you spend time on Twitch, you will see a channel that closely monitors stock for PS5 and Series X.

As for major retailers, you can check Walmart's website for updates, as there have been talks in forums that they may restock PS5 next week. You can also check on Amazon, Costco, Target and Best Buy for updates.

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