Tesla's co-founder JB Straubel recently commended the battery manufacturer startup, QuantumScape, for its solid-state battery, which features a rapid charging speed for future electric vehicles. The Tesla co-founder even went as far as to regarding the innovation to be a "major breakthrough," clearly showing his impression of the new battery technology.

The ten-year-old company headed by its founder and CEO, Jagdeep Singh, recently released the now popular QuantumScape solid-state battery, which features an impressive fast charging rate and long-range capabilities. The power cell is one of the most promising technologies of the present generation, featuring a new perspective on battery development. 

QuantumScape specializes in lining itself up with electric vehicle technology, mostly focusing on producing a different version of the popular lithium-ion batteries (Li-On), which the company calls "solid-state." The technology is not the same as the popular SSD or solid-state drives; however, the new batteries optimize their capacity and features to bring the most out of every vehicle. 

According to Electrek, the Tesla co-founder is among the many technology company heads and battery experts presented with the power cell and are convinced of its potentials and capabilities upon seeing. QuantumScape recently released their battery prototypes that featured fast-charging capabilities that may even go against Tesla's third-party produced batteries. 

One of the most notable electric vehicle manufacturers, Tesla, is known to venture into its development and creation of new power cells which would be the Gigafactories worldwide's future ventures. Tesla's 4680 batteries and the famous "million-mile" power cell venture are all just myths and plans of the company, having no actual prototype in the present. 

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QuantumScape's Solid-State Battery: Specs and What Made it Impressive to Experts

The American San Jose-based battery company from computer scientist Jagdeep Singh and mechanical engineer Tim Holme holds one of the most impressive battery packs of 2020 and the generation. Back then, the company's venture on the "solid-state" battery seemed impossible and challenging because no one has solved the technology.

Now, the myth comes true and possible in real life, with QuantumScape's models of the solid-state battery having surpassed the Li-On's liquid-based battery cell. The current technology in batteries across all devices (phones, laptops, electric car battery packs, gas-powered car battery packs, etc.) is reliant on liquid electrolytes that power the cell.

Not only does the solid-state battery offer more power and extended range, but it also packs never-before-seen longevity compared to conventional forms of battery. According to QuantumScape, the fewer moving parts and loose components of old batteries are now solved with a more robust and "solid" battery pack structure.

Tesla and QuantumScape: Future EV Battery Pack Collaboration?

Tesla's JB Straubel recently praised the technology, calling it a "major breakthrough," in battery cell technology. This praise is not just an ordinary one as the tech shows an impressive improvement in battery development. 

There is no news regarding Tesla collaborating with QuantumScape yet, despite Straubel displaying his tech interest. However, anything is possible, especially with the tech that can empower Tesla EVs more. 

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