With the launch of new consoles every few years, it's good to know whether the new units have some sort of backward compatibility since practically, you'll want to keep playing the games you already have with its predecessor.

Backward Compatibility of Xbox Consoles

Sony PlayStation, the frontrunner in the console game, has launched the next-gen console PlayStation 5 in November, and it does have some good backward compatibility with the PS4 as the majority of games that have come out of PS4 are playable on PS5.

Although that is good, it seems like the Microsoft Xbox group of consoles does it better.

According to a report by Kotaku, four generations of Xbox consoles can play the same game altogether at the same time under the right circumstance.

Based on the news outlet, the video game "Crimson Skies," which was originally launched in 2003, plays well on the original Xbox where it's made for, but despite more than a decade of having been released, the game is still playable on the Xbox Series X, Microsoft's next-gen console that was released this November.

Furthermore, both Xbox consoles in between, the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, are also able to read the game.

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Join the Same Game With System Link

But perhaps the best thing is that the company's later consoles have a feature known as the system link technology, which enables four different people to join and play the same game from the four consoles.

The amazing feat was caught on camera by YouTuber Modern Vintage Gamer, who also uploaded the video on his channel.

According to the official website of Xbox, the system link technology is a form of multiplayer system that allows different Xbox consoles to join the same game without having to resort to annoying split-screen mode.

Up to 16 consoles can be linked through a cable.

Besides the system link, it also appears that the Xbox Series X and Series S, which is the cheaper version of the next-gen console, are also able to play PS2 and GameCube titles.

Series X/S Runs PS2 Games Too

In a previous report by Tech Times, it turns out that Series X/S can be used to run an emulator for PS2 and other consoles such as the GameCube, which then allows gamers to run PS2 titles such as "Jak & Daxter" as well as "Metal Gear Solid 2."

Nevertheless, the RetroArch emulator that runs on Series X/S isn't exactly perfect as it can only run titles that are less than 2GB, but despite that, there are a variety of choices for gamers.

The YouTuber has also made a video about the emulator that curious gamers can check out.

Unfortunately, getting your hand on a Microsoft Xbox Series X/S can be a little tough, albeit not as tough as when it comes to finding a PS5.

Due to the lack of supply, gamers will have to wait for restocks for a chance to grab the coveted game consoles, that is if they can get ahead of fellow gamers who want to get their own Series X/S as well as scalpers who are taking advantage of the demand.

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