Google confirmed that it is now testing a new kind of search engine results pages or SERPs that allows users to reveal and hide images, thanks to the interactive elements the new feature contains.

The search engine giant is testing a new discrete icon. When the users click it, the images that are featured on the web page will be revealed. According to Search Engine Journal's latest report, Google's new feature could affect click through rates.

It can do this by allowing sites, with descriptive images, a chance to influence users to click or visit their website. However, the search engine company hasn't released any documentation yet for its new feature since it is still testing the new interactive search results.

How the ongoing test helps Google

Google's ongoing service test helps the company to understand if the users will interact with the new icon. It also allows Google to know if it helps the users understand whether the content on the website is relevant to them.

But, the new service's usefulness still depends on the publishers' abilities to select images that can help the site visitors and other users to identify what the content is all about.

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The ongoing Google experiment involves adding a small icon representative of a picture into the search result. Users can click the experiment icon to reveal images that are from the site.

Revealed images will also help the users know if the content is timely and useful. As of the moment, the search engine giant is testing the new feature on a small percentage of total users. The company also uses a control group.

This method allows Google to compare what users clicked on during the same time period and presumably for the same queries or reasons.

Google Maps now has web search results

Search Engine Roundtable reported that Google also added web search results in Google Maps Local Listings. The tech giant's innovation allows users to view web search results when they are accessing Google Maps. You can see the new feature by searching for "my company" on Google Maps. After that, you need to scroll down the listing information, which is located on the left side.

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