Microsoft claims that it no longer needs to use passwords as its protection method. The tech giant company confirmed that it is planning to remove passwords in its systems.

The software provider behind the Windows operating system said that it wants to complete its plan in 2021. Microsoft posted a blog post stating it is already working with other partners to make the password less environment possible.

According to the blog post, Microsoft confirmed it is releasing a converged registration portal in 2021, together with the new APIs and UX managing FIDO2 security keys, which will enable the users to develop custom tools and solutions.

Microsoft's passwordless service

Microsoft said that its plan will allow customers to seamlessly manage passwordless credentials via the My Apps portal. According to TechRadar's latest report, this would be possible once Windows Hello is launched.

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The upcoming service will enable many users to log into Windows 10 using biometrics information from webcams or fingerprint scanners. Microsoft said that it is already making ways to completely remove the use of passwords.

The software provider said that around 150 million people were already using passwordless sign-in tech every month since May 2020. Because of this, the company is really confident that it will achieve its goal by 2021.

Why does Microsoft wants to remove passwords?

Recently, it was reported that SolarWinds, one of the biggest software companies, was attacked by alleged Russian hackers. This year really showed that hackers and other cybercriminals are continuously evolving as they find new methods to breach any company's security services.

Microsoft claimed that 80% of cybercrime attacks and breaches are directed at passwords. It added that one in every 250 corporate accounts is compromised every month. The giant software company also claimed that passwords are a hassle to use since they represent security risks for organizations and users of all sizes.

This is somehow true since it is hard to remember many passwords that you are using in different accounts. Some people solves this issue by only using one password for all their accounts, however, this leads to serious hacking risks.

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