A distribution event for a Galarica Wreath in "Pokémon Sword & Shield" has been postponed because a prominent tournament being delayed in South Korea.

Pokémon Sword & Shield event delayed

"Pokemon Sword & Shield" has showed Galarian and its numerous forms. The forms were alternate versions of existing Pokemon that has evolved differently.

Galarian comes in three forms in the Expansion Pass for "Pokemon Sword & Shield." The first one is Galarian Slowpoke, that has golden patterns on its body. The second is Galarian Slowbro, that has a Pokemon clamped onto its arm. The last one is Galarian Slowking that bares a similarity to Star Wars' Darth Vader.

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Galarian Slowpoke are easy to catch on the "Isle of Armor", but evolving them takes time. In order to evolve a Galarian Slowking, a player needs to explore the "Isle of Armor" and the "Crown Tundr"a and get fifteen Galarica Twigs.

The player will then need to find the old woman who is hiding in the Roaring-Sea Caves, and give her the fifteen twigs. She will then weave them into a Galarica Wreath, which a player can use to evolve Galarian Slowpoke into Galarian Slowking.

The Pokemon Company has been giving away some mystery gift item distribution codes in order to celebrate online events. The most recent one involved giving away a free Gold Bottle Cap, as reported by The Gamer.

There was another item distribution event that was planned, where a free Galarica Wreath was going to be given away to lucky players in order to celebrate the "Pokemon Sword & Shield" South Korean Crown Tournament.

According to Serebii, this giveaway has been postponed because the tournament that would determine the winner of the giveaway was cancelled. This is due to the coronavirus pandemic and the rising cases of COVID-19 in the country. A new release date for the event will be revealed soon.

Gathering the fifteen Galarica Twigs can be difficult because they spawn randomly on the "Isle of Armor" and the "Crown Tundra." It would be very useful to receive one for free during the Galarica distribution event, but the cancellation is understandable given the ongoing pandemic.

"Pokemon Sword & Shield" players have received a lot of free items through mystery gifts since the game was launched. Some received a lot of free cash in the run up to the release of the "Isle of Armor". Fans of the game will have to wait longer for their free Galarica Wreath.

COVID-19 cases in South Korea

According to CGTN, the number of coronavirus cases in South Korea is now past 1,000 for the third consecutive day as of December 18. However, the health authorities remain cautious about being strict with the restrictions due to the stagnant economy.

The increase in new virus cases has been putting pressure on authorities to raise the virus response measures in the country to the highest level, but they are still reluctant to do so, as another lockdown may paralyze most economic activities and it could spark panic buying.

For now, organizers have been postponing or cancelling events to help stop the spread of the virus and to follow the CDC guidelines about social distancing.

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