The official United States Food and Drug Administration, or more popularly known as the FDA, has recently issued an Emergency Use Authorization otherwise known as EUA, for the new Moderna COVID vaccine. This was reportedly as expected after a particular independent panel that was commissioned by the administration since it recommended its approval some time earlier this week.

Moderna COVID vaccine gets EUA

According to the story by Tech Radar, this is the very second COVID vaccine that is now authorized for use within the United States under the Emergency Use Authorization or EUA, after the recent Pfizer COVID vaccine was just approved some time last week. Pfizer might have had a head start but it is still only a week and a lot could happen in the following months.

Moderna COVID vaccine could possibly begin its administration to the American public as early as "Monday or Tuesday" of next week according to the words of Dr. Anthony Fauci during the NBC Today show interview. While the Moderna COVID vaccine has just gotten their approval, the Pfizer COVID vaccine EUA has already had its first patients receiving the known vaccine just last week.

Moderna VS Pfizer COVID vaccine

Quite like Pfizer's COVID vaccine, Moderna's is known as an mRNA therapy. This means that the shot will not contain any actual virus but just the genetic instructions to be able to dictate that recipient's body to be able to create an articulately specific protein. This protein is said to be more or less identical to the one that the SARS-CoV-2, the specific virus pointed out as the cause of COVID-19 uses to simply attach itself to a host's own cells and replicate.

Moderna's particular COVID vaccine supposedly causes a person to be able to create just the given protein, which on its own is supposedly harmless. The vaccine relies on the nature of the body's natural defences through their immune system reacts to this and proceeds to create a method of fighting the virus off. The defense system is particularly said to be 'remembered' by the human body, while the vaccine itself then proceeds to naturally dissolve after just a brief period of time. This then leaves the person with immunity without the side effects.

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Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID vaccine

Another vaccine, the Oxford AstraZeneca COVID vaccine, which has not yet been approved for use in the United States, uses a particular weakened as well as modified common cold virus. This common cold virus supposedly won't spread through the human body to create the needed spike protein recipients which then result in the body's capability to generate its very own immune response.

That was noted as a much more tried-and-tested method in order to create the vaccine. Both moderna as well as Pfizer's mRNA therapies have still shown to be quite effective in the whole preliminary data coming from their pretty large Phase 3 clinical trials.

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