If you play "Pokémon Sword & Shield" right, you will go from a beginner to the champion of Galar. But before you get to enjoy the title, there are obstacles and challenges that you need to tackle in the region's eight major league gyms.

Pokemon Sword & Shield gyms

The eight gyms in the game will determine if you are worthy of taking on the undefeated champion. Each of the gyms is focused on a certain type, and they are all helmed by the most powerful trainers in the region. Here are some tips on how you can win each gym.

Turffield Gym

The first gym leader is Milo of the Turffield Gym. Milo specializes in grass-types, which means that you may want to use ice, fire, flying, poison or bug-types. Grass as a lot of weakness that you can attack to your advantage. Milo uses Gossifleur and Eldegoss, and towards the end he will use Dynamax.

You can chose Scorbunny as the starter, or you can also choose Sobble, Grookey, Carkol or Blipbug for this easy round.

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Hulbury Gym

The second gym leader is Nessa of the Hulbury Gym. Nessa uses water-types and chooses Goldeen, Arrokuda and Drednaw. Towards the end she uses Dynamax too.

Water-types are weak to electric-type attacks, so it is best to choose Pikachu, Yamper, Electrike or Joltik.

Motostoke Gym

The third gym leader is Kabu of Motostoke Gym. Kabu uses fire-types and chooses Arcanine, Ninetales and Centiskorch during a battle. Towards the end he will use Dynamax.

Fire-types are weak to water-types and rock-types so you can choose Goldeen, Drednaw, Arrokuda, Onix or Steelix.

Stow-On-Side (Sword)

The next gym will depend on which game version you have, according to IGN.

For sword players, you will be facing off Bea, the gym leader that uses fighting-type Pokémon. Bea uses Sirfetch'd, Pangoro, Hitmontop and Gigantamax Machamp. Fighting-types are weak to flying and fairy-types.

You can use Psychic, Noibat, Butterfree or Togepi to defeat Bea.

Stow-On-Side (Shield)

If you are a shield player, you will face off against Allister. Allister uses ghost-type Pokémon incluidng Galarian Yamask, Cursola, Mimikyu and Gengar that can go Gigantamax.

Ghost-types are weak to steel-types and dark-types. So you can choose Psychic and Ground. It is important to note that Yamask is particularly weak to grass, water and ice-types.

Ballonlea Gym

The next gym is Ballonlea and you will need to face off against Opal. Opal uses fairy-type Pokémon. Usually, fairy-type Pokémon are weak to steel-types and poison-types, but Opal has Pokémon that has resistance to those types.

Opal uses Galarian Weezing, Alcremie and Togekiss, and they are all weak to steel-type Pokemon. Togekiss and Alcremie in particular are weak to poison-types.

Circhester (Sword)

If you are a sword player, you will have to go against Gordie in Circhester who uses rock-types, according to Polygon. He has four Pokémon namely Stonjorner, Barbaracle, Shuckle and Coalossal.

Barbaracle is weak to ground, grass, fighting and electric-types. Shuckle is weak to steel, rock and water-types. Stonjourner is weak to ground, steel, fighting and grass-types. Coalossal is weak to rock, fighting, water and ground-types.

Circhester (Shield)

If you are a shield player, you will go up against Melony who uses ice-types. Melony has four Pokemon namely Galarian Darmanitan, Forsmoth, Eiscue and Lapras.

The best choice would be to use rock-types against Frosmoth and Darmanitan while fighting-types would be good to use against Lapras, Eiscue and Frosmoth.

Frosmoth has an additional weakness to flying-types, Lapras to grass and electric-types and Darmanitan to ground and water-types.

Spikemuth Gym

In Spikemuth Gym, you will have to go against Piers. Piers is very diverse, he uses Skuntank, Malamar, Scrafty and Obstagoon. Scrafty is weak to fighting and flying-types, Skuntank is weak to ground-types, Malamar is weak to fairy and bug-types and Obstagoon is weak to bug, fairy and fighitng-types.

Hammerlocke Gym

Finally, the last stop is Hammerlocke Gym. The final trainer that you need to defeat is Raihan. He uses dragon-types but he specializes in creating weather effects that will have players frustrated during the game, according to Dailyesports.com.

Raihan uses Flygon, Sandacoda, Gigalith and Duraludon. Gigalith is weak to steel, ground, grass, fighting and ice-types, Duraludon is weak to ground and fighting-types. Sandaconda is weak to grass and ice-types, while Flygon is weak to ice, fairy and dragon-types.

Since Raihan creates weather problems, it is best to bring a Pokémon that knows Sunny Day to clear out the weather, or you can bring out a Pokémon immune to Sandstorm damage such as rock, steel and ground-types.

Take down Raihan and you are already the League Champion. The only thing that you have to go through is the Championship Tournament and the crown is yours.

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