Kids, mousetraps are dangerous. They can break the spine of an unsuspecting rodent and can easily snap one of your fingers when set off. That said, have a look at this most epic chain reaction made for Pepsi, showing what happens when more than a thousand mousetraps and ping-pong balls are set off.

The chain reaction, which is also a good demonstration of how a nuclear reactor meltdown happens, was filmed with such grace and beauty that it almost looks choreographed.

According to the video's creators, 1,650 mousetraps and 1,840 ping-pong balls were used for the commercial. (Not, as it has been mistakenly reported early on by many other sources, 2,014 traps and 2,015 balls.)

The video starts with a quick behind-the-scenes montage as buckets of traps and balls are carried into the room, and mirrors and other props are set up. Editors are at their monitors, and the balls are very carefully placed on the traps -- gently so as not to set them off preemptively.

Then, almost dramatically, a single mouse trap is put in the spotlight. In slow motion, it is set off. The ping pong ball is set on a trajectory toward the thousand plus others set side by side in the mirrored room.

What happens next is a chain reaction of the most epic proportions. Although the traps are set off at random, the scene unfolds in slow motion, set to music -- like a ballet of ordered chaos.

One white ball makes its way down a cylinder painted with the Pepsi logo, and it descends to another room, also filled with traps and balls -- all painted with the iconic Pepsi colors. The result is another visual masterpiece that rivals and even surpasses any New Year's fireworks display.

So what does a chain reaction of mousetraps and ping pong balls have to do with Pepsi Max? Who cares, really? It just looks wickedly awesome!

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