An earlier report was written by Tech Times stating that rumors point towards Apple launching its alleged 'apple cars' by 2021 but new sources put another rumor yet on top saying Apple is allegedly "moving forward" with its own self-driving car technology and could target 2024. This will come with the production of a passenger vehicle that might include its very own 'breakthrough battery technology'.

Will Apple release a car in 2021? 

According to the story by Reuters, Apple's automotive efforts more popularly known as Project Titan, have actually proceeded unevenly all the way back ever since 2014. This was when the company first started to design its very own vehicle starting from scratch. At a certain point, it was said that Apple reportedly drew back the whole effort of focusing on both the software and reassessed its personal goals.

According to Doug Field, a known Apple veteran who had reportedly worked over at Tesla, returned in order to oversee the said project back in 2018 and even laid off a total of 190 people from the official team back in 2019. Ever since then, Apple has reportedly progressed enough that it reportedly now aims to be able to build a vehicle for its consumers. This came from the reports of two people who reportedly asked not to be named due to Apple's plans not being public as of the moment.

What happened to the Apple car EV? 

Apple's main goal of being able to build a certain personal vehicle in order for it to be a mass market contrast against certain rivals like Alphabet's own Waymo, which has been able to build robo-taxis for it to carry passengers for a certain driverless ride-hailing service. Central to Apple's own strategy is a brand new battery design that could potentially reduce the cost of batteries as well as increase the vehicle's own range. This was according to a third person who has reportedly seen Apple's own battery design.

Apple had declined to give a comment to Reuters regarding its plans or its future products. Making a new vehicle represents quite a supply challenge even for the famous Apple, a company that reportedly already has deep pockets that are able to make hundreds of millions of different electronic products every single year. This is with parts that reportedly come from all over the whole world, but seemingly, Apple has never made a car in the past.

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Where is the Apple car? 

It reportedly took Elon Musk of Tesla a whopping 17 years before being able to make a profit from selling electric vehicles. According to a person that reportedly worked on Project Titan, if there is a single company on the planet that reportedly has the resources for it to do that, it's most probably Apple. But at the very same time, it was noted that an electric car is not a cellphone.

Another report by Mashable suggests that the timeline could potentially be pushed all the way back to 2025 and that there is a chance that the company could license its tech to other existing car manufacturers instead of actually building a certain car itself.

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