The latest macOS Big Sur greatly enhances many built-in Apple apps. These include Messages, Maps, Voice Memos, Reminders, Safari, and more!

Apple's latest MacBook system brings plenty of new settings, features, and fixes for previous bugs that users are complaining about. Not only that, but it also improves your laptop's programs that come packaged with the operating system.

With the release of the latest macOS Big Sur, built-in Apple apps now receive key improvement features to take your MacBook experience to the next level. Here are the enhancements in Safari, Reminders, Voice Memos, Maps, and more that you need to know.

macOS Big Sur's key improvements

According to PC Mag's latest report, the big update of macOS Big Sur to Safari 14 focuses on adding new privacy features that match Chrome in functionality. The first improvement on this browser allows you to customize your start page.

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The second one blocks any web trackers from following you from one site to another. The third feature adds a built-in translator that allows you to change the language you will be using once you start browsing. macOS Big Sur's last enhancement focuses on strengthening your password.

With the new system, Safari can now notify you if your password is weak. On the other hand, here other improvements on Apple apps that you need to know.


  • Threaded Replies
  • Add Memoji Stickers
  • Pin Conversations


  • Get Bike Directions
  • View Editor's Picks and Guides
  • Look Around


  • Rename and Change Icon for a List
  • Manage the Smart Lists
  • Assign a Shared Reminder

Voice Memos

  • Arrange Your Memos Into Folders
  • Enhance a Recording

Apple Macs M1 receives Adobe Premier Pro Beta

Business Standard reported that Adobe officially releases its Premiere Pro Beta version on Apple M1 Macs.

"Our team is working hard on a version of Premiere Pro that will run natively on Apple's new Apple Silicon-based M1 processor," said the software provider via Business Standard's latest report.

The first Premier Pro public beta is now available on the said laptops. Adobe also confirmed that it will update the Beta frequently as new builds become available to further help the Apple M1 Mac users.

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