YouTube Marques Brownlee Talks About Beef Between Tesla and Ford
(Photo : Screenshot From Marques Brownlee Official YouTube Channel) YouTube Marques Brownlee Talks About Beef Between Tesla and Ford

This 2020 has notably been a big year for electric cars. The massive reach of Tesla has even been noted by YouTuber Marques Brownlee in his video stating there are two types of electric cars. First, there are teslas. Second, there's everything else.

What's the beef with Tesla and Ford?

In the references of the given video was a link to Electrek's article detailing the beef between Ford and Tesla. It was mentioned in the article that Ford's electrification efforts are throwing shade at Tesla over its quality issues and promises potential consumers that they won't have to compromise along with Ford's electric vehicles.

A member of the original Ford's Edison team, Darren Palmer, was tasked to design the brand's very first all-electric vehicle and is also now the head of development for the company and Lincoln's battery-electric vehicle. There were some interesting statements made by Darren during an interview.

Ford designer notes alleged Tesla problems

The interview with Autoblog saw Palmer state that the electric vehicle buyers actually had to compromise and even accept certain "flaws". The flaws mentioned that the door does not fit properly, the plastics as well as other materials cover-match were also noted, and that the bumpers do not technically fall off. It was also stated that the roof does not come off once washed and that the door handles could get stuck in the cold weather.

There were also other things mentioned and while the executive did not directly note Tesla by its names, the problems mentioned were a number of quality issues that have popularly been associated with this brand. He then stated that Ford buyers won't have to make the same "compromises" in terms of their electric vehicles.

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YouTuber Marques Brownlee on electric cars

The video by YouTuber Marques Brownlee details a lot of things from the beef between both Ford and Tesla to Tesla and everything else as electric cars are starting to become even more popular than ever. This can be seen with the Tesla Model 3becoming California's top selling car back in Q1 of 2020 according to an article by iTechPost.

Going back to Marques Brownlee, it was noted that with the reports of the Apple Car that could arrive in the future, this could still actually be very expensive. It was also noted that the Apple Car is not only the possible new competitor but there could be others. It was also noted that most of the electric cars could go 250 to 400 with the capacity of the battery so this could mean that new electric cars have a lot of steps to jump over in order to compete with the demand. 

Tesla has already been working on the common demand for a longer mileage with plans to release the Cybertruck capable of maybe over 500 miles some time next year along with the Tesla 2-door Roadster expected to do the same. This could put Tesla at the very top again of the electric car competition should competitors not be able to catch up.

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