(Photo : Youtube/ GTA Workshop) GTA 6 details leaked, rumors and other speculation

Since the next-generation of consoles were released by Microsoft and Sony, rumors about the new "GTA 6" have been circulating.

For the meantime, fans can keep themselves busy with "Grand Theft Auto 5" while waiting for more details about "GTA 6." It is set to re-releases for the third time, but there is no doubt that gamers are still anticipating the next installment.

After a long wait, it is said that "GTA 6" story has been finished. However, there is no news regarding its specific release date yet.

The alleged map of the game that was leaked has been a hot topic last year among gamers. Speculations show that gamers could head back to Vice City. The story of the game is one that everyone wants to find out.

GTA 6 latest news

On December 28, 2020, it was announced that "Bully 2" got cancelled for "GTA 6". According to a former Rockstar Insider who had fueled the speculation, known on the forums for "GTA" as Tez2, "Bully 2" was cancelled back in 2017 to make room for the development of "GTA 6."

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However, it is best to take this rumor with a grain of salt as it is not confirmed by any news outlet and it came from a forum, but if the rumor does end up being true, it would mean that "GTA 6" would be into the swing of its development by this point. It is possible that an announcement could happen in 2021.

As for the price, it has been speculated that it could cost more than $60. According to rumors, the rising cost of next-generation games has been an issue with gamers recently.

Update teases and censoring

The Cayo Perico heist revealed a series of coordinates that gamers have stated that could be the first official tease for "Grand Theft Auto 6."

On October 24, 2020, Rockstar announced that it is censoring "GTA 6" content after the recent map leaks was passed around on the internet, further suggesting that they are a bit too close to home.

Reddit user TypicalPoetry22 commented on the "GTA 6" sub-Reddit that Rockstar is censoring "GTA 6" in the YouTube comments. The user stated that every time he watches a newly uploaded YouTube video from Rockstar Games, he looks at the comments and it appears that Rockstar is shutting out all of the rumors when it comes to the release of the future title of "GTA 6."

It is possible that this is done to negate the spread of misinformation about the game due to the map leak that surfaced on social media sites. According to TypicalPoetry22, Rockstar blacklisted the word "GTA 6" from their YouTube videos.

After the map was leaked, a Reddit user named MrBurpALot pointed out that there was a new island called Parasite Island, and fans of the game have theorized that this is the name of the new island in "Grand Theft Auto 6".

The Reddit user has been visiting the Los Santos strip clubs in "GTA 5" when he stumbled upon a suspicious postcard on the wall in the changing room. The postcard refer to a place called Paradise Island, which has yet to appear in the game.

This caused fan speculation, but according to Reddit user bobert_hoses, the map is fake

Potential 2023 release

"GTA 6" in 2023 may seem took far away as it will mark the 10th year since "GTA 5" was released in 2013. However, that timeline makes sense considering a lot of factors.

"Grand Theft Auto 6" is not ready for current-generation consoles and Rockstar would want to wait till the said consoles are more established. The studio also does not want to leave money on the table by selling to millions of people on next-gen in 2021 or 2022 when it could reach to more people by 2023.

According to Venture Beat, Rockstar is also not in a hurry to replace "Grand Theft Auto 5". The game is still welling very well in the market and it brings in a lot of revenue. Coming up with a solid plan and executing it perfectly will take a lot of time and 2023 seems to be the perfect year to figure it all out.

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