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Apple users were anticipating the release of the tech giant's M1 chip, the first chip made by the company specifically for Macs, which they advertised to bring incredible performance and "revolutionary" power efficiency, plus it's made to work effectively with macOS Big Sur.

Chromebook vs M1 Macbook comparison
(Photo : Lukas Gehrer from Pixabay)
Are M1 Macbooks better than Chromebooks?

M1 MacBook vs Chromebook

With its release, Apple enthusiasts and computer fans, in general, were quick to try out M1 MacBooks.

According to a review by ZDNet, the M1 chip did bring improved battery life to the table, something Mac users have always wanted, and since the recent MacBook lineup is using such a powerful chip to enhance its performance, longer battery life is indeed astonishing.

However, Brooke Crothers, a contributor for Forbes, recently wrote an article for the outlet saying that after using Apple's M1 MacBook Pro for a week, he has a "newfound respect" for Google Chromebooks.

Does this mean Chromebooks are better than M1 MacBooks?

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Comparison of Devices

Despite the positive reviews for the Apple M1 chip, it turns out that Google can compete with the tech giant with its Chromebooks, providing the same kind of performance-per-watt that the former delivers.

More specifically, Crothers used both the Google Pixelbook Go and the HP Elite C1030 Chromebook and found that both devices have the same excellent performance with longer battery life.

Of the two Chromebooks, the Pixelbook Go seems to have the best similarity to M1 MacBook Pro.

Chromebooks are using Intel processors, which can be a great comeback for the company since reviews of the M1 chip didn't go well for Intel, comparing both processors, with the latter often getting thrown to the side.

Here's a comparison of the M1 MacBook Air to Pixelbook Go:


  • M1 MacBook Air - M1 Processor
  • Pixelbook Go - Intel Core i5-8220Y


  • M1 MacBook Air - 7-core GPU
  • Pixelbook Go - Intel UHD Graphics 615


  • M1 MacBook Air - 8GB Unified Memory
  • Pixelbook Go - 8GB LPDDR3


  • M1 MacBook Air - 256GB
  • Pixelbook Go - 128GB


  • M1 MacBook Air - 49.9 watt-hour
  • Pixelbook Go - 47 watt-hour

The Better Choice

When it comes to price, the M1 MacBook Air is only more expensive by $150 compared to Pixelbook Go, which retails at $849, so if you are on a budget, you can definitely go for a Pixelbook Go and receive almost the same performance and battery life as the M1 MacBook Air.

If you want an alternative to the M1 13-inch MacBook Pro, the HP Elite C1030 is apparently the best choice.

Now, which is the better choice for use in real life?

Both sets of devices work rather well in real life, at least compared to the most recent Windows laptop, according to Crothers, so you can either choose Chromebooks if you're more of an Intel fan or an M1 MacBook if you are an Apple enthusiast.

You might also decide by looking at the OS, with M1 MacBooks running on Big Sur, the most efficient operating system thus far by Apple, and Chrome OS that runs Android apps on your device.

Either way, both devices work pretty well and offer long hours of use.

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