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(Photo : Youtube/ theRadBrad) Marvel's Avengers video game on PS5

The "Marvel's Avengers" game has so much hype around it given the popularity of the franchise. Although there are some who are excited, others are worried they may be left disappointed.

Both Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have such a massive weight on their shoulders as people are waiting for the game's official launch for the PS5 console.

The early reports about the game suggested that the Japanese publisher had failed to recoup development costs in the months following the game's release in September 2020 and even though it undoubtedly shifted a few more copies in the time since then, the existing player base seems to be dwindling at a fast rate.

Yosuke Matsuda, the company president, has vowed to save the game through DLC and so fans can expect a fair amount to be pushed out over the next few months.

PS5 version of Marvel's Avengers

During the September 2020 release of the game, fans were already introduced to Kate Bishop and have been told to expect the arrival of Clint Barton in the 2021 version of the game.

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Along with these two versions of Hawkeye, the only other DLC character that is confirmed for the game is Spider-Man, but he won't be appearing into everyone's copy of the game.

Due to Sony's ownership of the rights to Spider-Man, he will only be available to those who are playing the game on PlayStation consoles. It is still not clear when he will arrive, but an email released to the media from British retailer GameRant back in 2020 suggested that he could be seen in the game around March 2021.

With is in line with a PlayStation blog post that mentions early 2021, but at this point in time, the March 2021 date has not been confirmed so it should be taken with a grain of salt.

The other possible DLC characters include War Machine and Black Panther, both of whom were data-mined from an earlier version of the game.

If the leaked information is to be believed, the character models for both of them have already been created, which means that the pair will be swooping into the video game sooner.

These are the Marvel characters that are confirmed to join the game version of the franchise, but given the number of characters that Marvel has, it is safe to say that there will be more announcement in the weeks to come.

While the new playable characters will go some way to improving the "Marvel's Avengers" experience, numerous players are hoping that the developers will do something to freshen up the core mechanics of the game.

Some of the complaints at the moment is around the generic enemies and the repetitive and uninspired mission types, so updating them could be an important step towards better sales.

The last question remaining is when the current-gen ports of the game will arrive, with both PS5 and Xbox Series version of the game having been delayed twice.

The last update on the matter came in the form of a blog post from Square Enix back in October 2020, which explained that they were being delayed until 2021.

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